Friday, July 29, 2011

Brain Dead

Can’t work
Can’t think straight
Can’t think of anything else

So sad
Extremely sad

Cried and cried
In the office
And pretended I’m having flu

It’s a very ‘remeh’ issue
But when I’ve been having high hopes and dreams on it
And all this has been planned way ahead for the last 7 months
Even though the execution plan might not be as ‘perfect’ as what I’ve imagined
I could settle for this
It might not be anything fancy or over the top, but I’m thankful enough as this is what we could afford

But now, it has all vanished
And I couldn’t see any second chances for this in the future
But he didn’t understand
He never did, and never will
He must think that I’m selfish and not being considerate

I know I won’t win this battle
I know I can’t put my foot down on this
I’ve rest my case but the world definitely doesn’t revolves around me solely
Therefore, I shall accept things as it is

But I can’t help for being sorry for myself
This is not what I’ve wanted
Not what I’ve seen myself
Not what I’ve imagined
But I’ll embrace it.

p/s: still hoping for a miracle.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend....come fast!

Hey Ho
Jai Ho

I’m such in a good mood today
Woke up later than usual
Mmg saje nk masuk ofis lmbat skit arini
Siap singgah warung kt Masai and had lontong for breakfast
Sorang² je yo!

Entah eh...sejak kawin ni I don’t mind going anywhere sendiri (of course dgn izin hubs)
Cos dia pon selalu bz, balik lambat and such
So grocery shopping by myself at Tesco/KipMart has become somewhat a normal routine
Tp kalau yg monthly grocery tu, of cos la dgn hubs sekali
Just that kalau yg ad-hoc ke, tetibe brg habis ke, tu baru pandai² cari sendiri
And I’m glad I’m independent like that

Ehem ehem
After much deliberation
And consideration,
We’ll go ahead with the going-to-KL-to-shop plan
Can’t express how happy I am
when hubs suddenly text me on one fine evening while I’m in office
that goes

hubs : Minggu depan gi kl nak?
me: Huhh???biar betul….
Hubs : Btol la ni. Ari sabtu kte tdo hotel 5 star…hehehe
Me : Syg ni…suke je bg frh harapan…kang xjd lg…. :(  (siap ade emoticon sedih tu!)
Hubs : Btol lahh..nak ke xnk ni?
Me : Nak!!!

Menggeletis kan I?
Ye laaa..dh lama tau I pasang impian ni
Sejak I tau I pregnant lg
Teringin sgt nk g warehouse sale or baby expo mcm ni
Coz I heard u can get darn cheap deal there
Tapi kt JB ni, takde pulak I dgr ade such event
So bile dpt tau kt KL nk buat, I started to berangan la kan
Walaupon poket tak sebesar mana, tak kira….keinginan nk gi tu tinggi amat sgt!

M2B lain ngidam makan macam2,
I ngidam gi baby expo/sale
Bole tak?
Eh…ngidam makan pon ade laaaa…hehehhe

Oh oh
I dah siapkan list lagi barang utk dibeli tu
Dh lama I sediakan list ni
From time to time, ade je yg ditambah

siap ade nama baby lagi tu...
tp di cover laaa...
poyo tak poyo?

Siap wat research on the price lagi
So nnt senang nk compare harga kan
Tgk mana lg berbaloi

Maka dengan itu, saya tidak sabar utk menanti hari esok
I masuk keje petang esok
Pagi nk service baby JMU dulu
Ye la…dh 2 kali kene hentak kan…
And plus dh nk jejak 6000km pon
So alang² tu, gi je la
Dari pape jd tgh jln ke ape kan

We planned to gerak KL tomorrow night
Maybe after maghrib
Sleepover at Kak Anim (SIL)’s house at Pantai Dalam
On Saturday, baru terjah MidValley
Dekat je PD ngan Mid kan

Then ptg skit baru check-in hotel
Babymoon time!!!! (cum honeymoon jugak la kirenye)
Tak dpt gi jauh², KL pon KL laaaaa
Hahahaha..pathetic kan?
Takpee…yg penting dpt berdua denganmu…..hihihihi

Mybe mlm tu bole jln ke Pavilion
Its walking distance je katanya
Tp dh boyot ni, larat ke dik non oiiiii
Tgk la nnt camne

Esoknye, kalau larat, ingat nk singgah sogo
Kak Anim kata ade sale gak kt situ
We’ll see how lah nnt
Ni semua I je plan sendiri
Hubs tak tau pon

Johor kan cuti Monday tu for Awal Ramadhan
So just nice la kalau blk Ahad tu
Then isnin tu boleh rest sambil berpuasa

Last but not least,

Selamat Berpuasa semuaaa….
and doakan perjalanan kami selamat pergi dan pulang yeaaaaaa

Monday, July 25, 2011

3rd Tri, Clogged Ear, Fun Teluk Ramunia, Bruised JMU

I’m officially in the final Trimester now!

Can’t believe how fast time flies now
Seems like it was yesterday I did the UPT
And now, looking at the ‘cute’ bulge on my tummy, I’m blessed

I didn’t know that 3rd trimester starts at 27 weeks
I thought it should be in 28/30 weeks
Till I read the weekly newsletter I got from BaiBoo in my mail
That goes “Well, the third and final trimester of your pregnancy has started!”
My oh my!!!!

I’ve nothing much to update on my pregnancy so far
Just am anxiously waiting for the fasting month next week
I get very thirsty nowadays (it’s the weather rite?)
I hope it’d get better next month, or else, I’ll try my very best to endure it

One thing though, my right ear is very much clogged for at least one week now
It has been on and off ever since then
But today, it got worst!
Usually, if I shake it up a bit, it will unclog
But this morning, after several attempts, no improvement

So now, I’m waiting for the in-house doctor to come and check
There’s no pain, apart of slight headache
But it got so irritating because I’m totally depending on my left ear to hear
So every time my colleagues talks to me, they have to make sure they are on my left
Or else, I’ll be like “I beg you pardon” over and over again

Btw, just got back from a mini-family gathering of MIL’s side at Teluk Ramunia
It’s a 2d1n thing
It was really fun!
I really enjoyed myself over the weekend there

The beach was real nice, soft sands! Love love love!
Of course the water is not as blue as those in redang or tioman
But it’s clear enough that you could see your own feet

Had a fair share of dipping myself in the sea
And of course swam my heart out in the pool
Aha! We have a pool in our apartment
But somehow, I couldn’t find the time to get down there
Plus I felt quite embarrassed to wear a the swimwear while prego in public (1001 alasan)

But in Teluk Ramunia, I went all out
Cause the pool has no proper dress-code! Yeay!!!!
So I just put on my tights and an oversized shirt and there I off I went!

The little one loves it too!
It squirms and kicks when I did the breaststroke
But face a bit of difficulty on the backstroke though
Perhaps due to ‘overweight’ on my belly part…teehee
Felt really good and revitalize after each session

Oh yeah
Another important note,
Our dear JMU got ‘bruised’ again yesterday at our apartment
Got knocked and scratched by a man in a wira who reversed from the parking lot
Without noticing hubs driving on the road
And scratched the front passenger’s door right to the back door
I wasn’t around when it happened though
Cos it happened when hubs got back from his weekly jog session
While I’m at home, erm…..napping… -____-

Hubs weren’t in a good mood since then
He got better when he’s around his family
But when it’s just me and him,
He turned into someone who’s totally devastated and refused to talk
I totally understand how emotionally wrecked he is
as it’s the second hit in 2 weeks time!

But the way he reacts, it seems like I’m the one who’s at fault
I’m trying my best to be as rational as I could in this kind of situation
I do hope things could get better

Above all that
I’m thankful that he’s ok
What if he got into a (much) worst accident?
What if he gets hurt?
I couldn’t imagine if that ever to happen
Alhamdulillah, Allah still protects us
He just gave us some gentle/friendly “reminder”, to be more careful, and of course, thankful too

Thursday, July 21, 2011

3D Scan - A Disappointing Experience

So, yeah
Went for the 3d scan last Tuesday night at 26w3d
After much consideration, I decided to do it at Hospital Penawar
With Dr Suhaimi
I’ve done checkup with him twice before
And he’s real good…very peramah

Reached there around 10 after 8
We were the 4/5th patient
Each patient took at least 10 minutes of consultation
Very thorough huh!

The wait was not that boring though
Coz we really enjoyed being in the “English” themed waiting room
Very nicely decorated, but too “English” for my liking

As we waited, I couldn’t stop myself from being worried
I kept on shushing my little one to sleep
Coz apparently, as we were on the way, our little one seems to be awake
Supposedly, she’ll only be active after 10
Which I thot going for a scan at the time when I thot she’s sleeping is the best idea
Not! She’s so much awake by 8!

Throughout the waiting period, our little one is very active
She’s punching and kicking mama like nobody’s business
Why I know its both punch and kick?
Because I felt thumping on both right and left side of my belly simultaneously!
Which shows that my baby is probably in melintang position

by 9.15, my name being called
Doc asked this and that
Have look at my pink book,
Check my BP, 120/75 – which he referred as “comel”! hahahaha

He did even warn us on the success rate of the 3d scan
On how it depends on the baby position
I am totally aware of this before hand
So tawakal je la

So came the best part,
Time to say hello to our little one
Start off with her head, then her spine, her heart, her legs
And since there’s “nothing” in between the legs,
Yeah, you figure why I referred our little one as “she”…..

Then comes the head
My my
Too bad….she’s not facing us
We can only have the side view of her
And the best thing is, though its just part of her face,
We can definitely see she’s smiling!
She really smiled cos the one end of her lips is upwards
So cute anak mama

But I must say, the image was not very clear though
Luck is not on our side
Baby is not in the best position, so that’s the best that doc could get
So I’m kinda disappointed there

Moreover, doc did not really tried to look for the hands and the feet of our baby
When I asked whether are the hands and feet ok,
He said at the moment, its almost impossible to look at em as baby is moving actively

I’m not sure why am I so disappointed
Coz I already knew that the result of this scan is totally depends on our baby’s position
But still, I felt kinda cheated,
Coz I still had to pay the full price of RM105
While I did not manage to get the best view of my dear baby
And not a single printout that we get out of it
And I’m still blaming myself for not requesting for it

I have a very high expectation on this session, to be honest
I did a lot of research prior to this 3d scan
So I kinda know, what I should be able to know and see
But when the outcome is not even as par to what I expected,
I got devastated

And unlike most parents who just saw their baby in the screen,
Coming out of the clinic with a gleeful smile,
I don’t.
I kept on thinking how cheated I felt to pay for something that is seems like not worth it

Of course, its not the doctor’s fault
He did warn us anyway
So, there’s basically no one to blame actually
Anak mama la ni, tak nak tgk mama yeaa…..

All in all
We figured that baby is in breech position
Which is real funny coz while waiting,
I’m pretty sure that my baby is in melintang position
Cos of the both right and left side of my belly felt the baby is thumping
Sekejapan dia pusing eh…hihihihi

She now weighed 967g based on the scan
Which I checked in baiboo, at 26 weeks, baby should weigh approx. 800g
Slightly extra, but still ok la kan
Takpe laaa..tgkla mama dia pon…muahahhaah

Oh btw, in terms of cleft lip/palate condition,
We couldn’t be sure just yet
Coz nampak side view je kan
Silently, I prayed that my baby is just fine, InsyaAllah

But yesterday, as I woke up, despite the commotions that I felt that night
I started to think again
And started to….redha….
I’m the one who insisted on the scan
So I shall live with whatever the outcome is

That’s why hubs is not 100% agreed on the idea of any scan
Thus again, vetoed for no more scan session after this..hmmppphhhhh!

p/s: mengade tak kalau I nk buat scan lagi…maybe a 4D this time….I dh jumpe klinik kt Johor Jaya boleh buat…hurmmmmm

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jul 15th Tragedy

For the first time in my entire life, I experienced being knocked down in a car a.k.a. got involved in an accident. It was a 5 car bumper-to-bumper accident near Seri Alam’s Shell. We’re in the third car.

It was due to an emergency break by the first car who got alarmed of a massive accident on the other side of the road.

Luckily hubster managed to stop the car on time, without hitting the front car. However, our back bumper was hit by a Kancil, which suffered quite a bad ‘injury’ on its front bumper.

I swear I could still remember and hear the sound of screeching tires and the loud “bam” when we got hit. Which makes me (slightly) traumatized of any such sound throughout the rest of the journey to Kempas.

Our loss? A crack on our dear vehicle’s back registration plat number which cost us RM25 to fix. Minor ‘injury’ I must say. But enough to leave a huge scar in our heart as it’s the first “property” that we bought since we got married and it’s only 3 months old.

And due to this incident, hubster vetoed to cancel our trip to KL next week as he referred it as a sign from above, that we shouldn’t travel when I’m (heavily) prego.  : (  : (  : (

p/s: ada hikmah di sebalik setiap kejadian, InsyaAllah...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yesterday and Today....


  • I was not feeling well, maka telah ‘pengsan’ for the first half of the day. Flu, headache and fever missed me so much. ‘___’

  • Felt so miserable for being under the weather, decided to drench myself with sweat! I re-organised the third room to prepare for our little one’s stuff. Locked myself in the room, without any fan/aircond on, just the windows wide open. Felt much better after the ‘therapeutic’ session.


  • I left my phone at home. Charged it once I got up, and totally forgot about it til I reached office. To go back home just to get it, is so not me. And its 12.30 pm, I still survived. Heehee

  • Can’t wait to get home coz I need to make an urgent call.

  • I left my yesterday’s Medical Leave in the car, and did not bother to go back to get it. Takpe. Esok² je lah submit.

  • I realized I’m getting (even more) forgetful nowadays.

  • Can’t wait to see have a ‘sneak peek’ to what our little one is doing tonight. Hopefully everything goes well.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Shmandom!

  • Atok is hospitalized in Pontian. Supposedly this weekend ade kenduri kt kampong..Hope atok dh boleh discharged by then. Rindu atok!
  • At 25w2d, first time nampak perut ‘bergelombang’. Little one’s kick (or punch) is getting more obvious now. Can’t help to smile each time it happened
  • Manage to record a video of the ‘gelombang’ last night. Bape kali take baru dpt….each time I felt dia active, I grab my phoneand tried to record…and the little one ni pon cam tau je mama dia nk record, terus senyap….pfffttttt…ape la syg mama ni..
  • Currently craving for Shepherd’s Pie…teringin nak buat, tapi malangnye we don’t have any oven at home. Mule la mengada pikir nk beli oven. Pakai nye ntah bape kali je kang…Hmmmm
  • Speaking of food, aritu crave for durian..nasib mmg musim kan...beli kt KipMart, fuuuhhh...mmg terbaik ah...thanks syg!
  • Work wise lebih tenang at the moment. Tu yang masa kerja asik tgk jam…dok tunggu waktu balik je…muahahha…tak best la pulak bile tak busy ni….ceh ko fana…busy tak suke, tak busy pon kecoh lagi.
  • Am having second thought on having the trip to KL for the Parenthood Expo. Takut objektif sebenar tak berapa nk berbaloi.Tapi sedapkan hati dgn kata, tak pe laaa….lagipon maybe this is the last time kami dpt travel berdua jauh²…pas ni, InsyaAllah dh bertiga…Plus, rasanya sejak kawin, ini je la kot the only time kitorg pergi somewhere out of JB berdua…selalu mesti dgn family….Honeymoon? Jgn tanya! *sedih*
  • I sometimes wish that hubster is more sensitive with what I’m going through and take in more initiative to learn/understand more. Not that he’s not. Infact he’s such a great sport and help throughout this journey. Tapi, entahla eh…emo ibu mengandung ni mmg susah nk diagak. I’m not blaming him thou.
  • Mula rasa cepatnye masa berlalu. I’ll be in my 7th months thru out ramadhan, 8 months throughout syawal, abes raya, bermakna dh 9 months I harus dh bersedia utk pop out.erk!
  • Lately ni asek terbayang makann yg ber’cheese’….nk naan cheese la, pizza la, lasagna la…hmmm..sedap nye kalau dpt…..
  • As at 26 weeks ni, I still can wear my watch, wedding and engagement ring! Kirenye tumbesaran lebih bertumpu pd kawasan 3 B sahaja – B*obs, Belly and Butt! Muahahahha
  • Baju tak payah cerita…tinggal bape je yg muat. Mmg layak pakai maternity wear je skrg. Tu pon ade 3 helai je. Dok rotate itu je la gi keje. Nk beli byk2, mahallllll…eh eh..baju kurung masih ade yg boleh pakai…so ok la…tapi bile nk jln2 tu yg problemo tu.
  • When I stand straight, I couldn’t see my own feet!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Job stress

Last 1 month was pretty hectic for me. My colleague decided to take unpaid leave (till dunno when) due to her health condition (high BP). She’s preggo too! Our due dates are 2 weeks apart. Worst still, there’re only 2 of us in the software development team in Johor, so since she’s not around, I’m responsible for (almost) everything.

She took off at a ‘perfect’ timing, I must say. I mean, she has one major application to be deployed, but she’s not around. Of course, I have to take over her project. Having zero knowledge on it, I continued whatever she left. Over 2 weeks, I couldn’t sleep much, even when I did, I kept dreaming of the coding so on and so forth. Then comes the deployment phase, thanks to the SPI team for not testing it thoroughly, there are errors here and there. I went bonkers. I hate it especially when the errors have effect on MESA and worst, the Oracle-MLS and thus, affect the production team for not being able to ship out the products on time. Pfft!

Being committed to my job, I had to come early, went back late (at least later than usual) not to forget attend calls in the middle of the night. I totally hate it when I see 07-259**** numbers on my phone when I’m at home. I immediately got nervous and did hesitate whether to answer or just ignore it. Thinking of the consequences of answering stupid questions the very next day, I hesitantly pick em up.

I’ve joined this company for 4 months plus, to date. And I admit, I still couldn’t find myself totally attached or in love with my job. I mean, I do love programming (I never dreamt I will say this when I was back in UM). But I hate the environment here. EVERYTHING is urgent. I might love this kind of adrenaline rush before. But now, having this little one in me, I find myself having difficulty in coping up and rush in to things. Worst, I still couldn’t totally understand the production flow here.

I never realized, that working in a factory environment, is soooo stressfull. Especially when it NEVER shut down and the productions continues 365 days a year, non-stop. Worst, I still couldn’t get myself hang on the jargons and terms that they frequently blurt to me. What with the different operation codes, the confusing MESA Flow, the overrated binning and whatnot. *sigh*

At times, I do missed working in Kem.pas Cen.tre. At least there, I’m working with….human! Something or rather, someone that I could (personally) relate to. Unlike here, working with machines and such. Oh oh. Did you know, the main reason I decided to call it a quit on my previous 4 years job, is because I couldn’t stand the on-call duty? Yeap! There are quite a number of times that I had to go to the office on non-office hour to settle things. There was once, it was freaking 3am! The server went down because of UPS failure. HATE IT! Moreover, hardware is not my best area. And never will be.

When I look back, as much as I wanted to runaway from being ‘disturbed’ on non-office hour, I can’t. I still have to face the same thing with current job. You see, being a programmer, you have to be responsible with what ever you wrote. When user had a problem, why they couldn’t do this or that, they’ll come straight right to you, while it should be the SPI (System Production Improvement) team they should refer to. Bottom line, only the programmer knows best on that system/application. Therefore, I realized, if I were to remain doing programming, I HAVE to LOVE being ‘disturbed’ at any time of the day, including holidays. Pfftttt!

Deep down inside, SOMETIMES, I do regret that I turned down the offer from SPA on F41 too. cause I’m pretty sure if I were to work in the office as government servant, it won’t be this stressful. but things happened for a reason. If I ever did accept it, maybe, I will have to live away from hubster. And maybe we couldn’t live like the way we are as the pay as F41, is much lower than what Im getting now. But of course, rezeki is Allah’s hand. No matter how much we earn, money will NEVER be enough. That’s a fact. We’re after all, just human. Never satisfied with what we have. ‘__’

As for now, I just have to endure and take in anything that comes by. It’s not the right time to be searching for another job. I’m giving myself till next year. If I still find it hard to hang in here, I shall find myself hitting Jobstreet site every other day. Maybe, no more programming work eyh? Housewife perhaps ? (batting eyelashes to that someone….)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Plan

Fuh fuh
Tarik nafas, hembuuusssss
Difficulty in breathing during pregnancy is common la kan
Am trying to get used to it

I’m 25 weeks pregnant now / at 26th weeks
Dh nak masuk 7 bulan…
Should I be nervous?
Coz according to what I read, there are high possibilities yg baby akan kuar as early as 7 months
So far, I rasa ok ok je
Ala ala yakin yg baby InsyaAllah akan kuar bile full term nanti..kan sayang?
Kita mesti yakin, of cos dgn doa n tawakal

In terms of preparing to welcome our little one to the world,
Belom ade ape lagi
Eh eh…ade 2 rompers bought by girl and hubster each
Tp both are not meant for newborn
Its for 3 and 6 months
So still consider belom ade ape² lagi la kan

Dh lambat sgt ke I ni?
I did feel so
But the thing is, I already had a plan
My plan is try to get almost everything masa Parenthood Expo nanti

Yeap, we planned to naik KL on 29-31st July semata² utk attend that expo kt MidValley
It may not be Mom and Baby Expo, but I suppose I could get barang baby jugak masa tu nnt kan?
Please agree with me…sbb kengkadang tu, I mmg doubt kt situ ade jual brg2 baby
Cos nama dia “Parenthood”…
Tp I dok sedapkan hati je nih

Btw, I planned to pergi on Saturday tu
I’m expecting the expo to be jam-packed la kan
Hopefully, I’ll be just fine
So that dapat bershopping dgn gembira dan jayanya masa tu nnt
Cos exactly that day, I’ll be 28 weeks pregnant @ 7 months ya’ll!

Takut jugak kalau masa tu laa kaki nk bengkak
Or kene water retention ke ape kan
Cos so far, belom ade lagi
And hopefully, baby pon akan bekerjasama dgn mama, ye sayang…

Oh oh
I did mention we already be informed on the baby’s gender on the 18th weeks dulu kan
Since then, tak pernah scan lagi baby ni
Ye la, I pon buat regular check up dgn govt kan
So scan² ni mmg takde laaaa

Therefore, we planned to “teropong” our little one once again, before naik KL nnt
In fact, we’ve decided to have the detailed scan or at least a 3d scan
Tapi masih belom decide nk buat kat mana
Yg I tau, Hospital Penawar confirm ade service tu
Hopefully baby’s condition is baik² saja
However, walau apa sekalipun keadaannya,
Or no matter what the result will turn out to be,
I mohon Allah tabahkan hati and kuatkan kami utk terima segala ketentuanNya

Just one thing that bother me…
Patut ke I buat detailed scan / 3d scan tu masa 27 weeks?
Dh cukup besar tak eh our baby by then?
Berbaloi ke tak eh?

Coz I’m expecting to be able to catch a glimpse of how our baby looks like
Mata dia, hidung dia, pipi dia, mulut dia, jari dia and so on
I ade bace, ada yg kata 24 weeks dh boleh….tapi mcm tak clear
Sbb baby belom ade body fat or whatsoever….
some say patut buat after 30 weeks, baby dh fully developed
ade yg kata 30 weeks dh tad a bit too late
cos baby dh ke bawah, so cam susah nk tgk dia
I’m confused….

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th checkup at KKIA

Went for it last Tuesday
It was supposed to be last week
Siap dh apply cuti khamis tu
But due to workloads commitments (yeah I’m THAT workaholic!),
I cancelled my leave and the appointment

Tapi sbb rase bersalah yg amat pd baby n diri sendiri
Nk tak nak, ngadap jugak lah KKIA tu last Tuesday

I’m due for 2nd MGTT…
So as usual, puasa dr mlm tu,
Smpai KKIA Masai around 7.40
Lambat sikit cos jam kt area Masai
Smpai pon dh ramai dh….

So amek nombor, terus pegi bilik MGTT
Pelik! Last time I did MGTT, the nurse cuma draw blood sample dr hujung jari je
But this time, dia amik kt lengan, to fill up half of the botol kecik tu
Dh la nurse tu cam sengal sikit
The first cucuk, tak jadi
I dh kata, amik kiri, dia degil nk amik tgn kanan
I ade problem stubborn vein, mmg tiap kali pon ade mslh tu
Sbb tu tiap kali nk amik darah, I fobia
Selalu mmg amik kiri dulu, kalau kiri tak de, baru try kanan
Sbb kanan ni lebih teruk skit
Only org yg betol2 pandai je, dpt nmpak my veins..ahakkssss

So in the end, bile tak dpt tu
Siap ckp “errr…sori la kak…nampak nye mmg kene amik kiri”
Aku dh kata dhhh
Nasib la I mmg mood tgh baik
Redha kan je la tgn ni dicucuk berulang kali… ‘____’

Dh tu, op coz la masa utk menelan the glucose drink yg ‘sedap’ tu
Alhamdulillah, I managed to wallop it all without muntah
Ade org kata teruk ke ape kan
But to me, personally, i rase, ok laaa
But of cos, kalau diberi pilihan, I tak nak minum
Tapi redhaaaaaaa

Next, timbang berat
Oh weight naik 0.4kg je sejak 1month+ ago…
Cam tak caya…
Cos on previous checkup, naik 3kg ok dlm masa less than 1 month!
Siap kene tulis dgn pen kaler merah lagi masa tu
Tp kt KKIA ni mmg takde nurse yg jenis bebel lah!
Semua ok je pada diorg
But of cos such important development, diorg akan highlight
N nasihat pape yg patut
Takde la smpai nk bebel smpai bernanah telinga ke ape kan…bagus!

My BP pon normal
Not within the low range lagi
Cek urine, ok juga…no kencing kotor whatsoever
Cek HB count, ok jugak
Naik sudaaaa 12.0….berkat Obimin kot…
Cos previous checkup, my HB turun

Then jumpe nurse…very brief…
Tapi I complained on tight chest and backpain
So dia refer I jumpe doctor

Jumpe doctor, cek itu ini,
Nothing serious
Maybe its because of my gastritis
Tu yg angin semua naik, I rasa macam suffocated and all
Nothing to worry about la kot

Pas tu, go back to the lab
Cos by then, dah 2 jam after my glucose drink
So nk amik sample darah lagi
Another half bottle
Kali ni, cucuk sekali je
Tapi lama jugak laaa nurse tu dok belek2, tepuk2..
Siap cakap “akak ni putih….tp susah ek nk cari urat”
I sengih je….redhaaaaaa

Dh tu, gi immunization room pulak
Dh masuk 6 bulan kan
So I got my first shot of Tetanus Injection (Kancing Gigi)
Oh oh…seram sejuk jugak laaa nk kene ni
Cos i read, ade yg kata smpai demam kan
Masa inject tu, ok je…biasa la..kene cucuk kan
Balik pon ok lagiiii

Tapi mlm tu, mak aihhh
Sakit sengal gile
Hubs terlanggar pon I dh terjerit
2 hari gak laaa sengal tu

So overall, on that fine Tuesday,
I kene 5 jabs!
3 from blood sample drawing, 1 for HB Count and another for the Tetanus shot
As a result, tangan kiri I kebas/sengal semacam
Drive pon pakai tgn kanan je,
in the end, decided to amik MC
so balik….tido!

tu lah ceritanya
next checkup is on second day of puasa
tak tau laaa nk gi ke tak
maybe nk gi awal sikit
cos cam tak best je melangut kt KKIA on puasa day

Monday, July 4, 2011

First Time Puasa as M2B

Adalah berpuasa pada hari ini
Gile ah…in less than 1 month nk masuk ramadhan, baru nk mengganti
Ade lagi 2 hari lak tu

Sgt nervous at first
Ye laa…first time puasa preggy
So mcm² pikir
Baby ok ke kalau mama puasa
Sbb dh biasa almost every hour akan makan something

Tapi Alhamdulillah
Allah lebih mengetahui
Dr solat maghrib smlm lagi I dh doa byk²
Minta dipermudahkan I puasa hari ini
Kuatkan semangat
And permudahan urusan kerja so that I tak stress

So far, semua ok sahaja
Takde rasa lapar melampau not even haus sgt
So so shj
Harap² berjayalah hingga ke maghrib nnt

Work wise pon ok je
Ade urgent issue pg td,
But managed to settle it by 10
Since then, nothing much

Oh yea
Pagi tadi bersungguh I bgn sahur
I mmg jenis puasa yg mesti bersahur
So pg td, dh set jam kol 4.30
Biasanya I mesti mkn nasi utk sahur
Tp memandangkan nasi yg I goreng semlm dh habis,
N malas nk masak lain,
I make myself 2 pieces of toasted bread and half boiled egg
And of course, my current fav, NesVita-Honey flavored

Baby pon elok je behave
Cuma kol 1 lebih td, galak sgt dia menendang
Dia expect food agaknye
Pelan² pujuk, ckp mama puasa, lama² dia pon senyap je
Sambung tido kot…. 

Hopefully all izz well lah sampai ke maghrib nnt
Tak plan nak masak pon utk berbuka hari ni
Its Monday, ade pasar mlm kt umah
So beli je la pape kt sana nnt
Mcm nk nasi kalau dpt nasi kerabu best jugak nih
Baby nk ape syg????

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