Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food Tasting

ke food testing eh?
i rase yg the first one
whatever lah

anyway, tonight it is!
hope they'll deliver it well, and we like it

p/s: something is bothering me. gatal sgt nk share kt nnt la k...nk kompemkan dulu.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


pernah kene tak?
i mean yang tersedu2 tu....

well, i got it last night
sgt annoying ok
setiap 10 saat, tersedu...penat!
org dulu2, kate kononnye nk membesar
i guess that only applies for babies la kan
dh 25 thn ni, nk membesar ape nye?????
jangaaaaaaannnn laaaa...pleaseeeee..

neway, i did tried to hold my breath
5 saat, 6 saat, 7 saat, 8, 9....Hik!
it comes back again
mama kate amek piece of newspaper, jilat, tampal kat dahi
uh uuhh..doesnt work
ayah kate, makan gula...
dekat 1 teaspoon of sugar i telan
hik! still there

I even ask my sister to 'surprise' me
ade org kate, kalau kite terperanjat, it will go
tp of cos la tak menjadi kan

then, again, I tried to hold my breath
this time, with my both jari telunjuk tutup lubang hidung of each side of the nose
and ibu jari tutup telinga
and of coz, tutup mulut juga
kirenye mcm keep the pressure
tahan for about 8 secs

no more hiccups!!!!

tu je nk share.....

Friday, July 23, 2010

1 minggu yg best gilak!!!

oh oh!!!
cinta hati saya pulang untuk seminggu!!! gilak ok!
rindu gile kt dia
rindu smpai dia turun bas, terus terkam, cium pipi dia byk kali!
rindu byk mcm tu laaa

i'm talking bout my baby sis laaa
kitorg ni mmg rapat lain macam skit
kalau dh dok bilik berdua tu
ade je nk kacau2 dia

oh...saya suke cium pipi diaaaaa
tapi bile tgk badan, lagi gebu saya ni!

tapi lusa dia dh nk balik shah alam semulaaa
sedih! :(
saya suke bila dia ade
bole tolong saya banyak
since dia balik, dia la tlg kemas bilik
baru la ade feeling2 nk kawen...

oh sedihnye
katenye, next cuti pon a few days before raya
oh tak bestnyeeee
sape nk tolong saya wat kek?
bake cookies?

akak dh rindu niiii!!!!
balik lagi k?

sukati laaaa

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rezeki Bertunang

remember this
the one when I got admitted a day after my engagement day?

well, somehow, apparently, it wasn't all that bad
infact, I made money out of it
yeap...u read it right
I did made money
RM1200 to be precise!!!
wooo hoooo....sape nk bg duit gitu macam tu je kannnn

the secret????
again, insured yourself babeyh!!!!
as for me, yg amek PruBSN Takaful
I'm entitled for daily allowance of 200 per day!!!
so 200 x 6 days of hospitalisation......jd laaaa RM1200
seronoookkk...dua ronokkk beronok-ronoookkk (me n my sister's joke!)

and yeap
2 weeks ago, cheque tu dh clear

it's tad a bit late
patutnye dlm a month dh boleh dpt
but for my case, ntah nape lambat

takpe laaa

yg penting.....dapat...

p/s: if I knew it earlier, I would never request for discharge on my 6th day tuuuu....heheehehee...mata duitan betol!

Monday, July 12, 2010

When these two hearts would entwined

kite mulakan dgn KAMI!

oh 5 months babeyh!!!!

esok dh start 4 months series dahhhh
wedding jitters? ade la sikit
but still under control

trying to sort things one by one
so far not much updates
no progress sgt pon
juz discuss2 jeee

oh yeah
ujung bulan ni, insyaAllah akan ade tahlil arwah cum event meeting
my dear makcik from spore was so worried on my preps
that she decided to come down
to 'bersemuka'...she did use that word
dia kate tak puas hati dgr my updates through the phone
btw, they haven't been informed on the planner thingie
we decided to blurt it out on that day nanti

my aunts has been calling mama
on what they could lend a hand on
masyaAllah...I am so blessed with such a loving and kind aunts

but still, me n mama tgh susun ayat
camne nk bitau diorg yg we engaged a planner
which explains why weols takde progress sgt
tgk camne..takut diorg kecik ati
ye laa...its the first wedding for mama's side
so diorg excited!!! me toooo!!!

we'll see what happened on the 1st Aug nnt k
oh yea
31st July tu nnt my cuzin is getting engage
kat umah atok
my my...this getting-engage virus really!
contagious eyh?

p/s: entry yg bercampur aduk....thanx to World Cup and dear fiance...kene layan dia borak which is more to discuss on the preps and what not, where i end up with only a couple of hours of sleep...sleep deprived i am....

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Do

I'm ready to begin this journey
Well I'm with you with every step you take
And we've got a whole lifetime to share
And I'll always be there
Darling this i swear

So please believe me
For these words I say are true
And don't deny me
A lifetime loving you

And if you ask will I be true
Do I give my all to you
Then I will say I do

P/S: I Love You

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nikah Theme

selama ni I tak pernah terfikir pon pasal theme ni
sbb konon kn nk nikah kt masjid
so i don't see why should i come up with a theme for nikah
but not until Ayah vetoed for our nikah to be at our Home Sweet Home
having the idea of silver for our baju nikah
I belom decide pon kaler ape that would be nice to pair up with our silver baju
of coz not silver...coz tak nak la tenggelam kannnn

amboiii...pnjang nye intro

anyways, referring to this entry
kn weols dh beli kain utk nikah
which is not silver
sbb takde pon yg berkenan
and we ended up with this

maka I've decided that
our nikah theme should ade kaitan dgn Pastel Peach la of coz

and seperti b2b lain
I started to search through The Perfect Palette
and berkenan dgn yg ini

Our Nikah Theme would be
Peach, White and hints of Gold
where the Bride and groom in Peach
Immediate family in Gold
and pelamin in White and hints of Gold (maybe!)

itu hanya impian
tapi kalau it turns out
on the day itself
jd colourfulllllll mcm rainbow ke hape....
saya redhaaaaaaa!!!!!
TAPI, I'll try my best to get what I want
itu pasti!


p/s: belom dpt convince mama on this yet! dia kate cam suram sgt colour2 tu..kalau bole dia nk ade merah...baru la meriah katenye....pffft!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

of Hantaran

after the 'disastrous' kejadian on my engagement
which is OK to me
but not to SOME people (read: outsiders)

we decided to have hantaran for our wedding
just to make up to the ke'cacatan' on our engagement

i did not mention, did i?
well, for the E-day,
we ended up with 3 berbalas 5 hantaran
which 3 is from me to him
and 5 from him to me
which apparently IS abnormal in our adat
where usually the guy side should receive more
but apparently, what we had was the other way round
ok ape? no? ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

anyway, it was all unintentionally
ikutkan patutnye 3 balas 3
tp on that day itself, his sedare mara was so generous to sponsor more dulangs
tu yg jd camtu
which is definitely OK for my family and his, but not to...
dah malas nk cakap lagi

so for wedding ni,
we are settling with 7 berbalas 9
which of course 7 for me n 9 for him
jgn kurang and jgn lebih
dh malas nk dengar mulut2 yg akan berkata2
i boleh handle
but i taknak my parents kene dgr semua tu
so, amik jln tgh, puaskan je lah hati org tu
which adding more holes in our pocket
not theirs...duh!

the list?
ade yg dh beli
ade yg blom finalize pon lagi

here goes

For Raja (eiceh!)
  1. Sirih Junjung
  2. Ring
  3. Wallet and Belt
  4. Shoes (Kasut futsal)
  5. Perfume Set
  6. Shirt
  7. Cake (TBC)
  8. Chocolates (TBC)
  9. Fruits (TBC)

For Ratu (ehem!)
  1. Sirih Junjung or Tepak Sirih
  2. Ring and mas kahwin
  3. Gadget
  4. Watch
  5. Telekung and sejadah
  6. ? (TBC by FMIL)
  7. ? (TBC by FMIL)
eh eh
brg2 si ratu je yg byk dh settle ehhhh
takpe...ade mase lagiiii
will strike it off one by one eventually

Lagi satu 'fruitful' day!

this was last tuesday...
29 June 2010

last week lagi myPerson dh inform
his working place akan cuti on Tuesday tu
taktau la kenape, ade keje tnb ke ape ntah
tp nnt kene ganti gak

so I pon awal2 lagi dh apply cuti selase tu

what we did?
first off, he came by to have lunch at our home
so pepagi lagi, urs truly gi pasar, beli bahan2 utk masak lunch
the menu - Nasi Ayam

patutnye, ayah yg gi beli groceries tu
tp the night before, mak ngah ne meninggal
so pepagi ayah dh blk pontian
so I have to take over la kan

blk dr pasar,
kemas2 umah skit,
i pon masak
yeap. i masak nasi ayam. sendiri. alone kt dapur.
sile kagum!

by 12 noon, dia smpai
mase tu i blom grill lg ayam tu

tang hangus tu yg SETAPPPPP!!!

its very sweet of him to help me around at the kitchen
bukannye tolong ape sgt pon
just cedok lauk and hidang
too bad, ayam yg i grill tu, not well done
ade 5% lagi tak masak
sorry dear!
tp overall....ok laaaa
yg penting, dia tambah 2 pinggan!

next, pegi bank
uruskan hal asb and our account
ade prob skit
masih lom settle
need to follow up later

then, to kill the time,
we went to angsana
saje jln2

tgk2 brg2 kawen
cari kasut futsal
oh...mahalnye kasut idaman dia....

by 4, gerak ke bridal

oh yes. this is our main mission of the day
to settle on the nikah outfit
I came in with a vivid idea on what my nikah dress to look like
dh siap save gamba2 reference in my hp

alhamdulillah, ni.zam fhm
and he ajar me how to beli the kain
and how much i need, specifically

unfortunately, he couldnt tag along
tak igt kenape
tp he's willing to talk to 'someone' kt jakel
to guide me, and give me ni.zam's price
yeap. kalau mak andam yg beli kain, harge dia lain k
almost 50% off!!!!

so off, we go to jakel
terus naik tingkat 2
bahgn bridal
my my...byknye pilihan

nk kate rambang mata tu, takla
coz colour yg i cari, takde
we decided silver for our nikah
malangnye, satu pon takde utk color tu

so we decided to keep our options open
and myPerson suggested Peach
a very pastel and light peach almost like champagne

kitorg I mmg taknak putih
cos baju nikah is the only baju yg weols buat
yg lain, sewa je
so kalau dh buat tu, I nk yg I boleh pakai utk kemudian hari
which i think, i akan segan nk pakai white on other days

so we opt for any LIGHT colors
taknak striking2
its a compromise between me n him
as he preferred white, but not me

so belek punye belek
in the end, we chose the one yg the first peach the SA showed me
sgt simple, and sweeetttt
the exact tone we had in mind
i chose chiffon boarder beaded
taknak full bead coz i rase cam serabut
kang nampak makin gomok!!!!
my 2 cents laaaa
lace pon tak nak
nape?tak tau laaaa
mmg tak pernah terpikir nk beli lace
survey pon tak...ngeh!

then nk cari lining pon satu hal
i was torn between 2 tones
taktau nk pilih yg mane

next, cari kain for him
oh my, finding the exact tone is rather difficult
sgt susaaaaaa
in the end, i had to give in
i have to change my lining color
and for him, we opt for kain yg 'mahal' skit
sbb kain tu je yg ade color yg weols nk
yg lain, its either too shining, too dark, too soft and so on
after we compromised, than we get two outfits that the colors MATCHED!

at the end of the day,
we are happy for our bargains
and we paid much less than the actual price
takpayah la letak kt sini
biar la hanye me n him n the SA tau....
thank you ni.zam

Friday, July 2, 2010

my E ring

tak penah pon letak kat sini kan

nothin OTT
a very simple and humble ring
sesuai dgn tujuannya!

here it is

told ya!
its very simple
but I love it
especially the person who chose it and pays for it

purposely pilih yg takde timbul2
sbb tuanyye ganas
kalau timbul2 cam solitaire tu, kompem asek sangkut2
so, forget it!

p/s: ade org tu asik sebut2 dia takde E-ring....I pwomise I'll get u a nice one for Nikah k....tapi takleh mahal2...hehehhehe..kedekkkkkk...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terbaik dari Ladang

does anyone knows
where did the above quote came from
I'm pretty sure its an ad on TV sometimes back
just curious!

"Terbaik dari Ladang"

Our E-Invite by WeddingKami