Monday, December 31, 2007

my-so-called-"xtau nk ltak ape"

Happy Happy Prosperous 2008 ....may year ahead will be much better than previous one...i have my new year sure you hev yours too...all the best in fulfilling it!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

my-so-called-"I AM PROUD OF MY LIL GIRL"

oh.yesterday was my lil sis's big day(at least for her)....its d day she's been waiting for the past couple of months...her PMR result is out.she's been really annoying the day before...too nervous, n kacau everyone at home.grrrrrr....

so..alhamdulillah...dia ikut kakak dia yg besh nih...she nailed it...a strike.CONGRATS dear (puas ati???) dpt je result, she was begging everyone for presents...mse sblm result kuar, bila tanye nk adiah ape, jwpn standard adalah "Dont want to talk bout it.What if x dpt 8A??"...but now "What r u giving me?" pn ngah blur x tau nk adiahkn dia ape...kasih syg pn cukup kn???xternilai tu....ok x girl???

after work, mlm tu, mama ask to bring her for handphone shopping.its ayah's gift...ayah said she deserves it...dulu i cuma dpt jam adikku....wahwahwah.....zaman sungguh ternyata berubah...

anyway, to girl....keep up the good nailed it...this is the second...nnt spm pn gitu yea!!! ciayouk!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


after 5 consecutive years of a good driving record, i broke it. last sat, i bumped into a word-TERRIFIED! xleh nk ckp ape...takut wasnt that huge for others...becos the damage xdela byk sgt nk compare ngan accident yg smpai terkorban nyawa...but of cos to me, its bizarre....i terlanggar bumper org...kemek n calar..waaaaaargghhh...xmo ckp dh...

the car i was driving

the car i bumped

my-so-called-family gathering @ megah ria

so on last saturday, im still on leave... went to megahria coz my aunt is organizing a family gathering for mom's side...besh gilee...wasnt formal..jus simple tahlil n doa for arwah n of coz reminiscing the good ol' memories...

the best part was, we have nasi ambang in dulang...dh lame x mkn rmai2 dlm dulang...heheheh...

mlm tu, we had a bbq... teenagers yg handle...had chicken wings, prawns, lamb, beef n lotsa otak2...we r not use to bbg-ing on our, terjadi lah hal2 seperti ayam yg x masak...hehehe...

my uncle import 2 kepale kambing frm spore...eeeeee...napela diorg suke kepale2 nih...leceh gila nk kerjakan kepale die coz byk bulu..


mase ngah xde keje tuh, we all pn belek2 laa album lame....byk gamba mase muda dulu...we had a good laugh bile tgk our parents mse muda2....the hairstyle, the baju kembang2, the specs....hahahha....mmg lawak..but the best part was, i terjumpa this 'masterpiece' that we made 10 years ago...its a gift from us to my granny...miss her....Al-Fatihah...

p/s: i created a record that night!!!gonna tell bout it in nxt post.

hari raya...

well...lamenye x update..juz got back from a not-so-long-break...ngegheheh...i guess its not too late to wish "Salam AidilAdha"....mase raye tu, i celebrate kt kampung..pontian la kn...mane lg..xkn spore spore pn turun nk jdkn cerita, it was my first time laa tgk kepala lembu yg dh disembelih...yikes...the whole day mkn not healthy ok...neway, here are some pics mase kt kampung...sungguh ramai kanak2 riang...

the teeth is scary .....

part of the dagings brought back...ade tail skali....

latest cuz...raha...

the 0h-so-very-notty-troup

Sunday, December 16, 2007

my-so-called-attend a wedding

juz got back from attending a wedding...dpt jugak jumpe kwn sekolah....dila, ana n sue's sist's wedding...concept-gold...nice....dila came by to my ofis, pick me up, n g sane..its nice to meet them..refreshing, i suppose...dh lame i din get in touch wit them...i shud do it more often...before blk, dpt la this goodie bag...seems like sumeorg dpt len2...mine ade fork n spoon..dila xde...ngeheheheh...die nk trade...muaahahaha..

dh smpai ofis baru xsempat nk snap pics ngan su...huaaaaaarghhhh...xpe2...hopefully lenkali bole...

yeay...i have a date dz evening...cant wait!

p/s: baby tu is actually sue's niece...dila bajet cam anak die...sbb same2 sepet!

my-so-called-me n girl day out

yesterday, me n girl g angsana...jln jam gile...eventually, dr. fazley was there promoting i dunno wut...couldnt be bothered actually...bought perfume, a top, 2 tudungs. girl bought a pencil case...lama gile nk tunggu die choosy...finally, she setteled with a pink flowery surprise there...duh.blanje girl mkn craving for the fries..huwaaaaarggghhh...besh.dh lame x mkn...

Thursday, December 13, 2007


huaaaaaarghhhh....been quite sometime when i can actually not really worry bout my bos is on leave for 3 days...xde la happy sgt coz dz morning, we had a 'situation'....kene laaa bebrape bijik dgn docs kt cni...i always tried to believe that docs are juz moody when they're too kdg2 x jugak....huaaaaarrrrghhhh....dpn patient bukn main manis ayat....geeezzzzz...

anyway, im doing some amendments on my prog rite sbb dh boring tahap max, i did dz.... is what i sometimes do...dh boring....cari mangse utk diganggu atau bergosip...

p/s: to other workaholics out there, no offence k...i juz love wut im doing.thou sometimes i wish i could step out of more thing.dont do dz in office! MUAHAHA

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


ah. been quite some time i didnt update.well, bout the 'thing' between me n him...yeah...we sort it out.we decided to let our past be nothing more than a past like everyone was hard to convince him at first, but i guess i love him to much to give up.i did wutever i can do, i fought a result, ayah ask me to invite him to our bbq dinner next week. hahaha...i dont think so.. i dont think he's ready for it least not for a-big-meet-the-big-family thingie.crap.

well, enuf bout that.actually i just finished the first part of the training prog.3 more to one will be next i have a couple of day at least to breath.its been damn hectic last few days.i have to bring back my work which i never do.i prefer to keep wutever in office, remain in office.home is where is suppose to do the home thing.

bout the training session jus now, it went well.actually not 100% well error pop out of nowhere.we have to debug at that point, n realise it was my db definition prob.we fix it, n it went fine.ngeheh..after i presented, the director came up personally to me, and ask me if i have any friend, a mechanical engineering friend, who's hunting for a job.he needs one for his 'other' any of you have one???if do, you can drop me a message anytime.

well, i guess thats it for now.nk was a long day.....

Sunday, December 9, 2007

my-so-called-im doomed

he's still mad at me...i guess...he didnt text me like he usually did every morning without i guess he IS still mad at me...urghhhh...we r suppose to meet up this evening, after my office hour...i hope the plan is still on...nk pujuk soooo at doomed.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

my-so-called-'family moments'

oh so tired now..juz got back..around 2 pm, after solat zohor, ayah, mama, girl n me went to Persada Johor Convention Centre(PJCC).there's some sort of home fair being held.lotsa display on ID..very nice...we're more keen on the flooring.very sleek eh.each of us got a goodie-bag.we got an ambipur's home perfume product.besh besh.

one more thing.i jumpe my high school besfriend...Adilah.die sgt vogue d vazzzzz...ngehehe..rindu die...dh lame sgt i x dpt meet up ngan my school frens.i have bigger commitments now.mama needs more than usual attention from us.thats y i've less time for frens and even myself.apepn, i really miss al my frens....miss teramat sgt..

anyway, mase tgh sibuk tgk exhibition tu, kakak call.sushi time!!!so then, we headed straight to city square.mkn kt sushi king.besh.sedap gile.nyesal pulak mkn lunch kt umah td.neway, here are few moments that i managed to capture.


i have a past.he has a, have a there anyway that u could change any of it?? well, we all are normal humans, who live each day blissfully...we didnt know whats in store for us tomorrow, after han hour or even after 1 blink of an eye. who would've thought that they will lead a happy life, without living any patch of mistakes.

well, my point here is, yes.i do have a past. which some of em i wish i could erase it completely out of my memory or even others who involved in it.there's a part of my past that i totally regret of doing it.but i guess, whats done is done.i cant keep on mourning over things that i couldnt amend anymore rite.i shall see straight, look more to the bright side.

so sayang, im sorry for what i have to drag along with me no matter how much i tried to hide it.its always there.creeping, shadowing so sorry that you have to go through all this, this sorry that u have to find it out this way.there should be a better way to explain all the mess i made.but im so fool, that i could not clean it up and come undone with it myself.if only i could turn back time, i'd find u first.not anyone so sorry.please accept me as me, not for what i've went through before or what u want me to be.i guess, thats plain-me.

find me.choose me.take me.cherish me.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


dz morning, on my way to office, as usual, while driving, i like to browse through a number of radio stations, finding out what topics that they brought up that might interest me.suddenly, i heard one station (cant rmmbr which one), it played a very very very sentimental song...a song that makes my heart ache, my eyes pouring some tears, n my mind to ponder.what song???well, its "Untukmu Ibu" by Exist.

back in my younger days, we lived in perling.the house of the Exist members were just at the end of the street.we actually sometimes saw them lepak kt dpan umah wit all the guy frens...back then, they were under Jojos Production, if im not mistaken.but i was too young to bother bout them.

anyway, bout the song, it reminds me of someone....someone that i was closed to.yes. it was.not 'am'.we drifted apart as we grew up.sad eh?? well, this song was a hit when we were closed.he lost his mom since he was,this song kindof explain everything that someone felt, especially in his 'situation'. thus, when i heard this song this morning, i dwelled in so much reminded me of him..its not impossible to keep in touch with him.but its just...uhhh..i dont know...we all made up excuses all the time huh?silently, i prayed n hoped that he leads a good life, happily, and contented. may He looks out for him if he ever falls...i prayed.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my-so-called-under pressure

huwaaaarghh...its december now...this is when im suppose to tidy up my module.yesterday, i presented my module to the director...he seems happy with what i came out with..but of coz la there are some amendments here and there...but most of 'em are minor by next week, we have to start a training session for all the staff in the hospital, n get them familiarise with the flow...they'll hate them eventually, but thats what they have to go through anyway..come on guys, we are heading to the paperless world aite???

so now, im so so so tied up with work...mane nk plan utk training, nk test, nk debug, nk btolkn report..adeih...dh pening dh...anyway, i'll prove to them, thou im a fresh-grad, there aint anything that i cant do...FARHANA BOLEH!!! laaa..actually its more to personal the end of the day, all the credits goes to my boss...woohooo

okies.gtg n check the network point in the training room whether its working or not...kalo x working, adeih.parah le....

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