Friday, November 30, 2007


Your IQ Is 135

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Genius

Thursday, November 29, 2007

my-so-called-dinner wit fam

last night, ayah suddenly feel the crave for steak..kami ape lg....kecik tapak tgn, perut kami we went out for dinner around 830...xjauh...kt area uda je...mama din follow us cos she said she doesnt feel like its only 4 of us laa(ayah, kakak, girl n me) feels weird actually...ayah drive, me n kakak sit behind...y weird?becoz girl dok dpan....xdpt nk kaco2 die...grrrrrr...
before g kedai, singgah bank jap...i need to bank in a cheque..then, smpai je kt kedai, skali tgk pnuh daaaa...wonder y....then i remembered, its d end of the now, those govt servant already got their pay aite. we waited about 2 minutes when one family got we sat at their seat laa...i ate lamb leg...ayah pn...lambchop for kakak n chicken maryland for girl...she dont like lamb.geeeeeezzzz....the service is quite slow...maybe its peak hour...once we got our food, we shut the hell up...focusing on the steak...sedap x sedap sgt laaa...biase je....
on our way back, mase dh nk smpai umah tu, ttbe boleh pulak ade moto nk jatuh dpn ktorg...slh moto tu...die nk overtake, tp kt dpan ade kete nk belok kanan...ape lg...emergency break ah..tu yg terjoget2 cian gak tgk dak moto tu..the bike was badly damage....there goes his n girl rase terrified sgt ble tgk xciden tuh..we still talk bout it when we're on our bed....ciaaaannn

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

my-so-called-'jgn marah lg'

yesterday was his pay he ask me out laaa...the plan was to accompany him to buy futsal shoes...but last minute, he plan to shop for it with his we ended up having dinner. we had not sure whether its me or the pizza made in jusco tebrau is different than the one made in other branches...or is it because it was the first food that i can eat without feeling like throwing it out anymore after the previous episode...hmmm...dunno laaa..anyhow, different here is actually a good is more sedap laaaaa..btol....the base is very yummyyyy...xtau la nape i like it so much...

anyway, the dinner wasnt that romantic at besh...on top of it, he gave me a very cute pillow...u know, the one with tiny beads inside...sgt geram utk dilenyek2....heheh...its in bright pink n yellow in colour...its not too small nor too big...juz nice to be hugged....shaped like a flower with a smiley cuteeeee....girl pn geram dgn bantal tu...heheh...em..when he handed me the pillow, i was surprise actually...i wasnt expeecting anything SURPRISE laaaa...i asked him to give it a name...without hesitation he said 'jgn marah lg'...hahha..weird eh...he said, everytime i feel like marah him, juz look at d pillow...'jgn marah lg' will remind me to SMILE!!!so funnnyyyyyy....geeeeezzzz

any wayyyyyy.....yeayyy..Qiki dh ade teman...

my-so-called-'meeting', i woke up feeling more dat unlikely 'morning sickness' dat i used to have for the past few days...geeeeezz...sound like pregnant lady already, aint i? ngehehe..., i set off to office early...and i mean REALLY DAMN 7.30, im already in front of my pc...good staff eyh?hahaha...jgn perasan k.i only come early pd hari tertentu...y today is hari tertentu??? becoz...ade meeting!!!im suppose to present my purchasing module today...tu yg dtg kinda over it last night(yess...i worked xtra hour yesterday) but still come early to check in case something happen to the bloody server n crash my data (touchwood).

so, i check my module, there's still errors here n there...debugging again n again...punye laaa bersusahpayah, tetibe when in d meeting, i x sempat nk present..y??eventually bos said meeting at 9.30. but then, since the director is in, he wants to have a discussion with the director first, so it is postponed up to 11.00...of cozla we r out of time to present everything kn...sbb after lunch they have meeting with AIA pulak...ceit.

juz a few minutes ago, the director came in my office...yeay...dpt paycheque..ngehngehngeh... where shud i spend all those blink2 eh...need more time to ponder on it...update l8er.

Monday, November 26, 2007

d truth

lets i'd mentioned in my previous post, i was very, yes.i went to the clinic. but not Dr Neo.Unfortunately, her clinic were closed yesterday. so, with my 38.5 degrees temperature, i have to drive around to look for a bloody clinic.found one in my clinic tu sgt teruk..the doc stay nearby my house.his house is a MANSION.sgt besar n cantik.but y dont he invest some of his blink blink to the 'not-so-clinicy' of his. grrrrrr. forget bout d clinic... well, somehow, d doc said dat im infected with a virus called 'Rotavirus'. Ouch. I did some research on it today, and this is what i've found:

"Rotavirus is a highly contagious virus. It can spread from one child to another in nurseries and childcare centres. It can also be transmitted from adults who either have the infection or handle infants who are infected. It causes fever, nausea and vomiting, followed by abdominal cramps and frequent, watery diarrhoea for three to eight days."
I ade bace that ade baby yg pernah meninggal for Rotavirus...jahat sungguh virus nih...cian baby tuh..

Come to think bout it, when did i ever come in contact with babies ehk? Hmmm...then i remembered, last week i did went to the nursery to fix some computer problem..maybe thats when i got it.*sigh* so the doc gave me lotsa medicines...aaaaahh...cmne nk telan nih...i got mc.but since dh byk kali im on medical leave, i decided to forget bout the mc.baik kan?ngehehe..
now, i cannot eat anything.i seem to throw out wutever that i take orally...luckily doc ade bg ubat utk rehydration.rase oren.sdap la jugak.hopefully, i will recover soon...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

my-so-called-bad-condition so sick rite now... i cant even recall when was d last time i had gastric..n yesterday, it came.without any signs.sakitnye, ya yg ade gastric je tau bagaimana saye terseksa sepanjang mlm.mama ckp i looked like a woman who jus gave not cool ok.

somehow, walaupn dh sakit mcm nk mati, i dun have d guts to go to clinic..takut kene mc lg...sjak keje ni, i fell sick every d end of d month, bile dpt pay slip, ade je record utk claim medical benefit...waaaaa...wut a bad reputation i have now...setiap bulan, mesti amek mc...adeih...masalahnye, penyakitnye pn lain2 setiap bulan..d worst part was, i have to be on mc for 2 days on my first day of reporting duty...eeeee...teruk kn...well, there's no one to be blame on this.i sendiri x pnah mintak utk pasrah je laaaa....

so, as some of u know, today, i patut terpakse amek half day..i dtg after lunch...i just cant get myself out of bed dz morning, im shivering. i check my temparature(i mmg bwk termometer) -37.7 degrees....adeis..patutla menggigil semcm.gastric pn still attack once in a while...nampakny, terpakse jgk i jumpe Dr Neo...die sgt baik...die slalu ckp ngan i, "Girl...slow down..dont get too stress out...bad for your health.."hmmm..btol jugak ckp die...ughhh...x tahan laa... cam nk g baring laaa...k laaa...we'll see wut Dr Neo say bout my condition k...update tomolo...

Thursday, November 22, 2007


yeay!2 days ago, was our 18month's annvrsry...sadly, it falls on working we both are so-called-'careerwoman/man' now, we both struggle hard to make some time for this sort of event. however, we always slip in some free time in between our hectic schedule to meet up n juz celebrate it in our own special way...though there's no advance reservation at any sleek diner, no romantic dinner, no big bunch of roses, no box of our favourite chocolate, no fireworks (but the spark is still there-if you know what i mean), no glamorous clothes wored on, we still have a blast 18th month anniversary. though there's no additional features, we really enjoyed each others company...thats all we need. some of you may think it sounded lame, but so what.after all we've been through, we figure that what we need most is EACH OTHER. though we both tired after a long day at work, we put that aside n juz enjoy the moments we had together. it was nothing special, but its definitely sweet. ughhh...i missed him already...nvm...saturday is in 2 days....we have plans....yeay!cant wait.... last but not least....syg...HAPPY 18th months ANNIVERSARY....more great moments to come....ngehehehe

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


last weekend, after tgk radhi n lin got voted out from that another-reality-program, i got so bored...msk bilik, tgk my sis ngah pegang crayon...she was dribbling away...something hit me, and i felt the urge of becoming a kid there i go, taking my pillow, and meniarap dpn girl. bes pulak rasenye bile dpt bermain dgn warna...want to see my so-called-masterpiece????hehehe...i named it "in the name of LOVE".check it out.

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