Tuesday, February 24, 2009


nk gi tgk Upin Ipin jap lagiiiii
Yippie yeay yeay

sooo ketinggalan..
memang dh lame terase nk tgk
lagi2 bile bace blog org
diorg citer betape best nye citer tuuuu
my friends pon kate bestt
bukan budak je yg enjoy, mak2 budak yg gelak lebih
so i told myself, "pegi leeeee...nanti mesti nyesal mcm nyesal tak tgk Yes, Man"

tadi, baru tergerak nk mention psl ni to myPerson
tak sangke dia pon nak melayan
or is it part of his "layan je laaa..kang majuk lagi susah"
dh seminggu weols in a on-the-rock relationship
baru semlm things got a bit better
wasnt sudden, but slowly
hopefully, we could sort things out
mcm menarik rambut dlm tepung or whatsoever u call it

but for now
terase cam nk buat chicken dance
sbb dh berjaya wat reservation kt tebrau city
double Yippie Yeay

note: nad...kamu sudah ada di jb kah???buzz me la deiii

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye to My Colleagues...

Dearest Puan Mira, Pak Cik Rizal, kak Nora, Kak June, Kak Ziera, Atok Shuhir, Uncle Johan and Uncle Fairouz, Cik Ha and Puan Jaja,

Since today last day nadia kat company yg serba indah ini…hehehehehe
Di kesempatan nie, nadia nak mintak maaf kalo ade terkasar bahasa..

Tersilap kate or perbuatan...

Tercubit berlebihan sampaikan ade yg lebam2 (saje je cubit tuh..cubit kaseh sayang..)

Macam2 lagi la....hehehehehe

Aku tau ko ade terase2 dgn ’kepetahan’ aku nie kan..ehehhehe (Petah ker??ehehheeh)
Sori yer..sgt tak sengaja kalo ade wat ko terasa...
Thanks for being a gud fren..
Seb baik aku mintak tukar dept kan..
Leh ko kawan dgn aku..hahahahahahah
Pasni leh la aku melawat2 ko..
Dapat baby nnti jgn lupe bgtau aku..
Aku org petama nak tau name baby n nak tgk muka comey dia..
Coz aku tau, dia mesti comey cam aku kan..hahahahah…teeeettttt…

Thanks coz slalo dengar aku membebel..
Thanks coz jd teman gossip..(sapela yg slalo jd topic kite gossip kan..tettt..ehehhe)
Sori coz arini ko nak kene tgu aku lame pg td..(cam slalo ko tgu lame je kan..hehehehehe)
Thanks sbb banyak share citer yg besh2…
Scandal2 sume adela..ehheheheheheh
Pasni leh la slalo kiter jumpe lg kan..

Ko nak acar buah kan..ehheheehhehe

K. Nora
Sori sbb slalo kne cubit..
Tak leh kawal tangan nie tanpa cubit akak..
Besh cubit Akak…ehheheheh
Thanks for everything..
Pasni leh la kite hangout tgk mvie skali skala kan..
Leh la kite g umah k.zira, makan nasi ayam..hehehehehe
(k.zira kate pasni dia nak mask nasi bukhara plak..pergh...heehhe)

p/s: sushi invitation nadia on jer..heheheeh

K.June & K.Zira
Well..sgt seronok ok dengar akak2 nie bercerite..
Cerita pasal kawen la..
Life after kawen la…
Sgt besh..
Gossip tuh mmg konpemla ade kan…
Makan2 sedap..
Masakan akak2 mmg superb (pujian goes to k.nora gak..ehhehehe)
Kalo akak bertiga nie satu rumah, konpem nadia akan makan tanpa henti..hehehehehehe

shushu, jo and Fairouz….
Thanks la dolu slalo jd mangsa g beli nasi ayam akak blonde…
Aku tau korg pun mmg nak makan kan..
Aku tumpang order jer..hehehehehhe
Thanks for all the knowledge..
Esp abg Shuhir nie…
Ko la dewa java…
Pasni aku de problem ke ape2, leh kan ko tolong aku..heheheheheh
Fairouz, aku nak citer greys dgn prison break..camne nie??
Jo, kawen nnti jemput aku tau..jgn ko lupe lak..
Ko lupe, aku bawak telur tembelang utk dicampak di wedding ko...ehhehehehe
Gile kejam...hehehehehe

Fariha & Jaja,
Sori ye asek sebuk2 je kat tempat korg pow tepon..
Jaja, ko pun dapat baby jgn lupe bgtau aku...
Friha, dah pindah nnti kat umah baru bgtau le kat mane..
Nnti leh la kite jupe n shoppiiiiinnngggg..heehhehehe

So abg2 and akak2 ku..thanks for everything...
I have made some very fine friendships here, which I will always cherish..

Do keep in touch.

Ym id: nadieeyya
Gtalk: nnadia.rahman
Yahoo email: nadieeyya@yahoo.com
Gmail: nnadia.rahman@gmail.com
Facebook: nnadia.rahman@gmail.com

p/s: Song dedicated..aiceh…ehhehee \\dt_itd_nnadia\Goodbye

Say Goodbye
S Club 7

In the years to come
Will you think about these moments that we shared

In the years to come
Are you gonna think it over
And how we lived each day with no regrets

Nothing lasts forever though we want it to
The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
'Cause true love never dies

In a year from now
Maybe there'll be things
we'll wish we'd never said

In a year from now
Maybe we'll see each other
Standing on the same street corner, no regrets

Each and every end is always written in the stars
If only I could stop the world
I'd make this last

Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye (so say goodbye)
But don't you cry
'Cause true love never dies

And when you need my arms to run into
I'll comfort you
Nothing will ever change the way I feel

Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every day
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
`Cause a true love never dies

p/s: wargh..tetibe rase sedey yer...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Save the Best for Last

Danny Gokey really rocked the stage
I had goosebumps everytime he hit the notes
trust me. he really send out this strange vibe into me

Gokey - GO hit the KEY

'Hero' has always been and always will be the song
that makes me believe
somehow, somewhere,
you can make it through the rough road

n last night, Gokey really nailed it!
as usual, tears dwelled in my eye
I'm sorry, I really can't help myself from falling for him
he's, hands down, such a sweet guy with warm smile
totally likable, n definitely, lovable!

I've always been the biggest fan of him
based on how he performed last night
I believe, he just booked himself a place in the top 12
n thus, win it!

when the camera focused on Jamar (his bff)
I saw this "that's my boy" look
I'm sure he is proud of Gokey
I totally admire their friendship
though he(Jamar) didnt make it to the top 36,
he was there, supporting his bff
afterall, he did stand by Gokey through the mourning moments
I heart them. both of em.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Mama

there are no words to describe
how grateful I am
to have you
raising me, guiding me,
most of all, stand beside me
throughout these years

and today, as your age adds another figure
I am so proud
that u still keep it going
though the going gets tough

together, we berdoa for the best
for you n for us

I love you to bits

Salam UlangTahun Mama

You ever dearest baby

Wedding Eswandy & Fini...

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Eswandy & Fini...

Both are like my brother n sister..
Sgt rapat dgn Fini since involve in this biz..
Fini siap sound lg, kalo tak datang wedding dia,
memang nak kene pelangkung la dgn dia..
sanggup datang even on that day ade training..
(sebenarnyer nak makan free..hehehehehe)

so kitorg konvoi bout 4 cars dr KL..
menuju ke Serendah, Rawang..
sampai2 je around 3 o'clock camtuh la..
sgt time kelaparan...
mari kite TERJAH...heheheheh

p/s: asek g kenduri kawen jer...bile la i nak kawen nie..heheheeh

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Will Remember You

today's fernie's last day
its a mixed emotions
but more to sad and scared
don't ask why

sebelom ni,
i masih boleh control
walau, in front of me,
she packed up all her stuff

but to make it worse,
right now,
from my pc
Media Player is playing
"I Will Remember You" by Sarah Mclachlan

oh...I'm so sad already
and now, tears starting to build up

one fine day, if u ever read this
Thank You for everything
I've always looked up to you all the while and will always be
Thank You for the never-ending guidance
I'm proud to say that you are the one
who made me fall in love in programming
Wish u all the best

i will remember you
will you remember me.....

p/s: she's pursuing career advancement in Spore. However, she'll still come over on Sunday as Consultant here...I'm relieved to know that.

My Idol

hey peeps
did you watch this last night

i did (despite the boicott thingie, i still cant help myself to NOT watch this. Sorry)

they'd already announced the 36 idol-wanna-be
Tatiana got in???
are you guys bloody-freaking-serious?????
Jamar Rogers didn't make it???
are you guys bloody-freaking-deaf?????

whatever it is
one thing for sure
I am truly-deeply-unanimously- agreed
for getting this one-hot-talented-sangat baik hati
that makes me cry everytime i see/heard him sing

Danny Gokey

oh! I love You from the first time you audition in Kansas

fyi, about 3 weeks before the audition,
Gokey went through the most difficult moments in his life
as his wife passed away for a heart complications (if I'm not mistaken)
he did got over it, doesn't mean he got over his late wife
but I believe that he, believes, life must go on
and here he is, trying out for the Idol

I really do hope he touched the voters hearts
just the way he touched mine

Happy 24th Birthday to Syima...

Dearest Syima,

Happy burfday to my dearest friend..
Smoga semakin tinggi lg..ehehheheheh
cepat2 kawen...
pasni aku plak nak kawen..
sila la datang ke majlis perkahwinan aku..
ko kawen konpem aku dtg..
naik fairlady..hahahahhahahaha
(apela citer pasal kawen nie..ehhehehe)
Together-gather we achieve our dream k..
Retire young...Retire rich!!!

p/s: shud post benda nie semalam lg tp tak sempat..
buat2 bizi la katekan..heheheheh

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i misssh Syamimie soooo muchhh!!

wargh..arini syamimie balik jb..
sgt sedey...
my sister pun dah abes pantang..
tak jupe arissa few days je rase cam dia dah besar dah bile jupe pg td..
pg2 td hug syamimie..
dia tgk je muka achik dia (which is me..=D), terus sedey + nangis..
she said that she misssh me..
dah tak jupe 3ari coz dia balik perak..
im touched n nak nangis...

p/s: sgt paham ape yg dayah rase kat jannah..=(


read about Rima Melati and Marcell's wedding over the weekend
She(Muslim) and him(Buddhist)
they got married, without him, converting to Muslim

kan tak sah tu....
ape maknenye nikah tanpa akad???
mane sah akad tu kalo suami bukan Islam
kan rukun nikah, bakal suami atau dan isteri mesti Islam?


p/s: no offence yeah.just my two cents worth of thought.

im soooo addicted with ROCK LEGENDS!!!

heeelllooow y'all..
sorry for the so-takde-update-blog-lately..
as usual..sorry to cik fana also..
aku nie kan ala2 featuring artist jer kat blog nie..eheheheheh

lately..my latest addiction goes tooooooooo


sgt addicted nak pkai application nie kat facebook..
skrg ni sgt la berlumba2 naikkan level nak lawan rizal..
currently, dia dah level 23..
of course aku akan kejar level ko rizal..heheheheh

dah nak last2 day kat TIME nie..
banyakla mase dihabiskan dgn explore facebook..
frenster dah bape kurun tak bukak..
malas plus dah la banyak sgt virus..
sgt tak beshhh..

lg satu..
my hp dah kembali berlampu..
seminggu lebey dok mencari cahaya kalo nak bace msg..
kalo org call, terus je pick up phone without knowing sape yg call..
sgt takde mase nak g btolkan hp tuh..
tp sbb malas nak dengar org lain membebel..
kalo membebel bg duit g betolkan takpe gak..heheheh
so dgn gagahnyer g la betolkan semalam..haih...
habes gak la few hundreds...
rase cam nak beli phone baru jer..hish..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bak oh Bak

as I mentioned last Sat,
we did watched Ong Bak 2

surprisingly, I did enjoyed the movie. very much
all those lawan2 thingie sgt memukau pandanganku

i was practically 'tercengang' each time all those action scene started
ahhh...jgn tanye hape ke name action tu
kung fu ke tomoi ke tomok ke
it all looks the same to me
i tak reti nk differentiate
martial arts yg i betol2 kenal is Taekwando
tu pon sbb i mmg blaja taekwando sjak sekola

pegh.jauh merapik nih
neways, if u asked me, mmg berbaloi tgk
walau mase beli tiket tu, i masih lagi cam ala2 je
dlm ati dh terpikir, kompem bosan tahap gaban

maka saya telah beli mknn iaitu hotdog n wedges secara tamak dr jusco
utk diseludup masuk
so that i can buat2 enjoy tgk movie sambil mengunyah tanpa henti

first 5 minutes, mmg bosan
dh mule la bontot ni cam meragam jek
mane taknye, dia dok citer psl sejarah
hello...mase SPM nye sejarah pon i dpt 4 ok.
mencemar sijil SPM betol

TAPIIIII...taklame pastu,
mule adegan dia lawan ngan buaya
fuiyoooo...dr situ, mulut ni mmg dok mengangaaaa jekkk
kagum gilerrrrssss

so, pd sape yg lom tgk lg,
sile la ke panggung berhampiran
kompem tak rugi punyeeee
meleleh wa cakap luuuu

p/s: ini bukan review. just to share my skeptikal pendapat yg tak boleh digunapakai

Saturday, February 7, 2009


woke up real early this morning
had usual saturday morning breakfast-pasar-beli-lauk thing with girl
i'm suppose to catch back the never-enough-sleep
however, org telekom is doing some technical work to betulkan our line or aomething
kentang kentong kenting bunyi nyeee
how am i suppose to catch my ever-sweet-beauty-sleep???

so here i am
blogging my brains out

i'm surveying which cinema offered the best time for ong bak 2
myPerson is so so sooooo keen to watch it
as me, on the other hand,
cube utk memahami minat nye
and cube jd tolak ansur
as he did drag himself to watch Bride Wars with me last weekend

those chic lit movie really bore him
he barely laughs walau i was laughing my heart out
taktau la its the ego atau tunjuk macho
or "ape-barang-gelak2-tengok-citer-mushy2-yang-ditakdirkan-utk-pompuan"

so ari ni, ari dia
ikut kan saje cik fana!

p/s: hope i didn't fall asleep halfway thru the movie....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh! So Pink!

taken last week

watched sifu tongga
citer yg sgt merapik meraban

baik tgk The Wedding Game
oh I adore Fann Wong
tu zaman mase sekola2 lagi laaa

zaman kemuncak Fann Wong vs Zoe Tay
Ziana Zain vs Erra Fazira

akhir kate, gile tembam aku nih

p/s: sedar tak, ni entry tak bermotip?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ya Ampun

bz nye skrg ni

mane nk handover
mane nk digest segala ilmu yg diturunkn
mane nk prepare progress report
mane nk sediakan station utk new staff
mane nk update system
mane nk bercinta
mane nk bergosip
mane nk plan cuti2

Ya Ampun!!!
bile laaa bole tgk Lipstick Jungle dgn tenang niiiiii

Our E-Invite by WeddingKami