Friday, April 29, 2011

cuti Cuti CUTI!!!!!

oh oh
Its gonna be a long weekend holiday...
whats ur plan huh?

as for us,
we'll be heading to melaka for the next 3 days
Jasin on saturday for my dear cousin Sofia's wedding
and Tg Bidara on the next till monday
for our 'mini' family gathering

its gonna be jammed packed
what makes me more nervous,
is to meet up the relatives
at Jasin, there will be bunch of relatives from dad's side
and at Tg Bidara will be mom's side
whom some of them, I've never met since my wedding day

and what makes me nervous???
my freaking weight that just keep on adding up!

they'll sure be surprised with how 'well' I've been taking care of myself
and how 'happy' I am with our marriage, that I 'ballooned' up!
u know la all this myth says
"org dah kawin, hati pon senang...tu yang makin gomokkkk"

but at least, I have a concrete reason for all this extra pounds
nevertheless, I'm excited for this trip
moreover, its my first kinda long journey since preggo
hope it went well
jgn la nk termuntah ke pening ke ape ke
Pray for the best!

Happy holiday everyone!!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First appointment at Klinik Ibu dan Anak

after much deliberation and penangguhan
and heard lots of version
of when we're suppose to buka buku at KK,
some say only after u are at 12th weeks
and some say, once the UPT says +ve, u may go,
I've decided to do so a couple of days before i finish of my first trimester
i was at my 11th week, coming to 12 then

this is not the first time we went for checkups though
the first 2 was of course, done at 2 different pvt clinics
together with an ultrasound scan

as we have expected, it'll definitely be a long day for us
but no matter how mentally and physically prepared we are for the long hours,
little did we know, it'll take a toll on us
its not just about the long hours,
but its the numerous waiting for your name/number to be called

i'm not sure about other branches/state,
but the one i went in Klinik Ibu dan Anak in Masai,
for those first timers,
you were sent to numerous rooms for different stages of checkups

your first stage should be registering, of course
by 7.30, we're already at the half-packed KK
i straight went to the the registration counter,
hand them my I/C, and been told to wait for my name to be called

after 15 minutes, my name was called upon
the clerk passed me a number
and were asked to sit and wait

10 minutes passed by
my name were called again
they asked on where I'm staying
just to verify that I went to the right KK based on your residential area
they also asked when did we got married,
handed me 2 copies of 'buku merah' and were asked to hand the books to nurse in bilik 6
so i did

this is the most torturing part of the whole visit
they took almost 15 minutes for each patient
and there were at least 4 new cases patients before me

the thing is, the seats in front of Bilik 6 were very limited
what annoys me is there are some selfish individuals who just missed Civic lessons in their school days
the seats there are all occupied
which 2 of it were occupied by 2 men, which i believe were husbands of 2 of the ladies there

the thing is, im so ok with it as probably at that time, the place were no so jammed pack yet
but when you see 2 ladies, 1 heavily preggo, and another with a baby in her arms,
came in and had to stand as there's no seats available
these 2 men were being so arrogant and ignorant, did nothing!
oh come on!
those 2 ladies need those seats man!
so sick of it, despite of me being lightheaded and nauseous, i gave up my seat
bodoh lah mamat 2 ekor tu!

after an hour seems like a year, my name were called
that's when the 'interview' took place
i was asked on husband's and my particulars,
oh yeah, they also requested to have a look on our sijil nikah
to verify that we're legally married
family and self history of illnesses and surgeries
any twins in the family traits
and what not

it wasn't that much right?
but what took most of that 15 minutes is,
they have to write the whole same essay, in both books!
just imagine, 2 copy of each details for each patient
no wonder it took forever!

being a programmer for the last 4+ almost 5 years now,
i felt like offering them a software to key in those details,
and let them print it 2 copies
so that they wouldnt have to waste their (drained) energy, writing those for each patient every freaking single day!

i wasn't mad at the nurses, as they were just carrying out their job, with much efficiency they could
but come on govt! you guys gotta speed up!
they ought to know by now that such procedure is such a waste on time and energy
update your system and procedures, pretty please?!

enuf on that
i was sent to bilik 9
to get my weight and height measured
and of course, my blood pressure
and all that took at least 15 minutes to be settled!

my next step was to get my urine and blood tested
so i were asked to head to the mini lab
waited for my turn to have the limited urine test bottle
which i were adviced to bring my own on the next visits
urine tested, an adequate amount of blood drawed,
it was quite a jiffy i must say
within 10 minutes, i'm out of there

were asked to send my blood sample to the lab
which is located at the next door building

by then, its already 11++
off we went to the lab
which to much relief, air-conditioned!
felt like i just entered heaven!
it was kinda stuffy back at the KK
waited about 10 minutes for the result,
and asked to send the results to bilik 7

which happened to be the longest wait. ever!
my husband found a comfy couch
and dozed beside another man
after what seems to be forever, my name were finally be called upon
only to be told to send my books to Bilik 1

by then, my blood went upstairs!
trying to chill, i walked slowly to Bilik 1, and passed the nurse my books
after 15 minutes, i was called in
its the dentist!
i wasn't aware of this actually
but it went pretty well
no scary equipments used
they just simply check our mouth hygiene
make sure we brush our teeth properly and such
i was even adviced to see the gum specialist for my gum abnormalities

once done, i were asked to head back to bilik 7, and waited again
sigh sigh sigh
another never ending waiting session
by then, i started to pace around
its 12.15 and we both are due to clock in at our office by 12.40
which by then, i know is impossible to be punctual
dear hubs has started to give me 'funny' stares as a sign of "I'll be late!"
what am i suppose to do?
it wasn't me who makes us both late!
neither do i blame the nurses
but its the system im mad at!

by 12.25, finally, my name were called in
and to my surprise, it was the best part of the whole visit!
this is when an experienced nurse checked your breasts,
part of your hair, checked for any glands at your neck
checked your stomach/womb
and measure them!
the lady was very gentle and so professional
there wasn't a single time i felt awkward or uneasy
and give you advices on being pregnant
the foods you should/shouldnt take, exercises you could do
importance of breastfeeding, post-natal care and such

by then, its already 12.45
we both are already late for work
hubs were mad, and i were stressed out
he decided to call it a day, but i on the other hand, felt is impossible for me to do so
i just started at my new workplace
i can't take leave just like that
so he dropped me off to work,
and he heads home

the prescription that i were handed earlier, i have to keep it aside
plan to get it some other time

and that, wraps our first visit for our antenatal appointment with KK
i was emotionally drained
too tired and too hungry to work
once i hit my desk, i took a breather
and head to the ladies, took off my scarves,
and showered my face with ice cold water
i felt much better, and continue my work

all in all, we had quite a bad experience for our first antenatal visit
dont get me wrong
this wasn't my first visit/appoinment at govt clinics
i've accompanied my mom to numerous specialists appointments at HSA
so I'm quite familiar with the waitings and all
but this time around, it felt different
me being pregnant, makes it all even worse!
i felt queasy all the way

i'm not sure if i could go through any more rounds of this
but looking at our financial constraints,
we couldnt afford to splurge on private hospitals deliveries
those once a month visit at private clinics for second opinion and scans are acceptable
but thousands on deliveries, i dont think so

therefore, i'm left with no choice, but to toughen up,
and bear with it!
May Allah be with us!

on a brighter note, all the waiting is totally worthwhile
i mean, no private clinics did such a thorough checkups right
plus, its free!

p/s: sayang, i hope u're happy with this entry. thanks for reminding me to update my blog! love ya!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Best Gift on our 2nd Monthversary

and the best part, its specially 'delivered' by Him

Syukur, Alhamdulillah
We're expecting
in another word, we're pregnant

infact, we're hitting the second trimester now
not that i did not want to share the news much earlier,
but first trimester was the toughest and most fragile period in pregnancy
so I'm afraid it would all just be a false alarm or such
but praise to Allah, it went pretty well

here, I'm about to share the moment we received the great news

well, we got to know this a couple of days before our 2nd monthversary
one fine evening, i saw some spotting on my pantiliners
earlier that day, i was busy carrying computers
that time, i'm still with my previous company
little that I knew, that I might be pregnant
hence, the working so hard

but once i saw the spots, it hit me!
maybe I AM pregnant!
did some research, and the possibilities are there
the tender breast
the cramps
the lightheaded and nauseous
yadda yadda
however, at that moment, my period is not due yet!

nevertheless, as soon as i got home from office that evening,
i did home UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test)
i just couldn't wait till the first pee on the next morning!
and a faint purple line appeared

I did read, if you could see 2 lines,
no matter its a solid or faint line,
it's considered positive.
at that moment, I was so overjoyed, couldn't do anything
kept myself cool n calm,
whipped up a mihun goreng for our dinner
and waited impatiently for my husband's return from office

as he entered the house
I let him settle down
but I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer
and I shoved him the UPT kit
all he could say was "ni ape maksudnye?"
guys....will be guys.... *sigh*
without a word, I showed him the manual
instantly, he screamed!

he just couldn't believe it
however, i did remind him not to get over-excited
as we need to get a practitioner to confirm it
hence, as much as he wanted to ring his mom,
I told him to keep composed
being overjoyed him,
it took him half an hour to actually bring himself to the bathroom for a bath
for the half an hour,
all he did was in and out of our room,
he said he just couldnt think straight
he knew he need to take a bath
but he couldnt remember that the reason he went out is to get his towel
and it took him quite a while to get it!

the next day,
first thing in the morning,
again, I did another UPT
this time, using clearblue
which is more exciting
as it shows the period since you conceived

and with that,
I head to the nearest clinic to confirm
and the rest, is history

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