Friday, February 18, 2011

18 feb 2011

Its mama's 56th birthday
selamat ulang tahun mama!!!

we had a small celebration last nite
sleepover at anggerik

coincidently, nizam (our WP) just passed me our (long awaited) wedding DVD
however kt umah mama, takde dvd player
yeah! we're that old-fashioned!!!

so, me n sis decided to buy it then and there as mama's birthday gift
mlm tu, we watched it sambil makan birthday cake mama

it's really funny to watch urself on the screen
and hearing ur voice and listening to your 'lame' speeches
rase cam nk sorok muke bawah meja!

its a good thing though that we got the dvd 2 months after the wedding
so that, when we almost forget about it,
watching the recording, makes it even more vivid
rase cam nk jdi pengantin lagi!!!!
and of course to the same groom! lol
i really missed those moments
rindu sgt2!!!!

oh, on another note,
today marks my last day here in Kem.pas
it has been a wonderful 4 years
and I'm ready to move on

bid farewell to most of the staffs,
and its not easy.
they're my first group of colleagues
gonna miss them

to nora,
I'm sorry that I have to leave
but I did this, only when I believe, u can cope
u will!
all the best! :)

p/s: i have 1 freaking week to experience a role of full-time housewife! will it be great??? lets see..... ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

1 more week

and I'll be gone!
can't wait to quit the curent job

1 week jadi suri rumah tangga
then by march, new adventure awaits
hope everything will went well

oh. btw, I'm on 2 days medical leave
on a brighter note, longer weekend for me!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bila Hujan

as ramai yg tau...
last weekend, hujan lebat di johor
we were literally stucked at home for the weekend
hujan tanpa henti sejak sabtu tghari

so by sunday tghari tu, air mula naik
banjir sana sini

so hari ahad tu, we spent the day at mak's
dh ujan memnjang tu, kejenye kt umah mak, makan jeeeeee
bfast dh pekena lontong
while waiting lunch time, mkn coklat, grapes, kerepek ubi pedas
for lunch lak, mkn nasi, singgang kerapu, bayam tumis, berulam tahu and tempe goreng
fuuuhhhhh...mmg sedap! muahahaha
gile buruk lantak kan?

hey bukan i sorg tau
seisi umah mkn bende yg sama ok!
sambil menguyah, kami tgk cuti² cinta, melodi and magika back to back
marathon la konon

by 4 pm, we decided to make a move
nasib la our house and mak's tak jauh
and tak perlu redah banjir

dh dekat maghrib tu rase lapa la pulak
decided to whip something up
and came up with this

jemput² @ cokodok kentang 
dgn teh o panas
dh sejuk² tu, kene la makan benda panas²

sambil tgk Chong Wei dikalahkan Lin Dan

Our E-Invite by WeddingKami