Tuesday, February 26, 2008


after postpone 1 week, we finally get to dine in kt ming court...supposely g sane last monday...tp mama x seyhat...so last nite, blk keje, mama kata jom g M-Suite...memule cam blur ckit...then baru phm..hehehe

smpai sane, around 8.20 pm..leceh gak nak cari parking...area dia very steep...kalo jln, mcm nk jatuh je rase...tp bile masuk restaurant tu, rase best gile.love the ambience....very romantic gitu...lighting n interior dia SUPERB.d service pn bagus...food pn sedap...lg sedap dr Pekin..thats my personal thought la kn...the price pn murah...yg paling best, we can get a bowl of sharkfin soup for RM60 per bowl. dulu, x igt kt mane, kene smpai RM125 per bowl.ceit.pendek kate, sure kitorg dtg lg....next time, nk bwk atok....hopefully, atok get well soon, n kite leh bwk dia g mkn2 lak...

Sunday, February 24, 2008


totally addicted to sushi.paid a visit to the sushi king 3 times in 5 days!!!!damn it!
cmne la nk ilangkan craving ini...adoi!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


phiew.its been ages since i last give my 2 cents thought in here.didnt really have d time to do so...things been pretty hectic nowadays.lotsa accomplishments, more things to do, more moments to ponder.neway, here are some things that happened lately...

7 feb 2008
went to malacca for CNY holiday.stayed at EverlyResort(known as Rivierra sometime ago). the beach was real nice.love d sand not the sea!duh!dh byk kali gi mkn kt umbai-pernu, but it was d first time i saw the place is packed up with damn lotsa peeps yg kempunan ikan bakar...pdhal, d food wasnt that marvellous...tp ok laaaa

8 feb 2008
checked out of hotel.suppose to stay a nite at uncle's house tp decided to go straight back to jb sebab mama dh mula demam

9 feb 2008
0030-mama teramat dmm.temp-42 degrees.teramat panas. she seems to have another relapse.it was when she starts to grip her hand tightly, refuse to respond to surrounding and shivers.called ambulance.

0100-JPA(Jabatan Pertahanan Awam) sent an ambulance and the 3 guys checked whatever they need to check and put mama on stretchers.in no time, me n mama is already in the ambulance.though it was my second time on it, but still, i really enjoyed d ride.ngehehe.

0130-smpai hospital.lotsa blood was taken for various tests.cian mama...the MO's find it hard to find her vein coz she had stubborn veins...so byk kali diorg cucuk...haih....lebam2 tangan die.

0330-the docs decided to admit mama to ward.of coz la kn...im so prepared for this.nsb bek mmg dh sempat packed barang sume.so, i stayed there jage mama.

10 feb 2008
mama still very weak.her BP was very low.it was very low for a hypertension patient.haih...docs still cant tell the cause of the high fever.most probably, UTI...again???she got that a couple of months back.

12 feb 2008
docs decided to continue mama punye IVIG...but this time only for 2 days..usually 5 days.so mama kene stay another xtra 2 days for the MS treatment.

13 feb 2008
mama discharge from hospital.me n ayah went to fetch her.she looked happy but still, very weak.she couldnt even stand on her own.deep down inside, i prayed that ALLAH will somehow blessed us with a miracle, so that mama bole jalan balik.InsyaAllah.

14 feb 2008
V-day.xsambut pn.i didnt even remember if its not a colleague mention somthing about some dinner.

15 feb 2008
ttibe terigt yg bufday mama dh dekat sgt.xtau nk bg ape.lately busy ulang alik both hospitals for work and mama, terlupa pasal gift tu.then suddenly teringat yang mama ade mention nk beli GM reader or BP reader.x igt yg mane satu.so after office, trus g pharmacare, nk survey2 dulu...smpai sane, dh mmg btol2 confuse.xtau nk beli yg mane satu-BP or GM.haih...so blk dulu...maybe i shud bincang ngan kakak dulu.tp, mase ngah baring2 ngan mama, mama termention yg die nk bli jugak GM reader.then i know, she needs GM.selamat...

16 feb 2008
usually by 2pm i dh xde kt umah.tp this time since mama still need lotsa TLC, i decided to stay home.satu hari x g memane.it felt weird actually.hehehe...

17 feb 2008
after work, myPerson fetch me at hospital...pegi tgk hp die yg dh tersadai kt kedai over 1 week..unfortunately, hp tersebut tidak dpt dibaiki...syg gilee... x smpai 2 bulan pkai hp tu...tu namenye, xde jodoh...ngehehehe...then, g pharmacare, beli GM kit utk mama...it felt nice to buy something nice for mama...then, g JJ.tgk dunia baru..bole laaa...xde la bes sgt...

18 feb 2008
birthday mama.mama happy gile dpt kit tu.trus nk test...tup tup 16.3 mmol/L...trus takut.of cos la nek.baru pas mkn kek.haih....

******dats all for now******

Monday, February 18, 2008

Mama's Day!!!

Yeay...Arini Birthday mama...last nite, dah bg pressie utk mama...got her a blood sugar monitor kit...she really need those...rase happy sgt dpt bg the kit...n mama was so delighted to see it.

tp mama is still very weak...neway, according to last post, im suppose to update what happened on our way back from "xin nian's" holiday...actually, it was about mama...mama demam truk...she said, maybe its because of the sea or the lion dance thing.haih...cian mama.

at first die mcm leh tahan.but by midnite, mama starts to shiver..it seems like another relapse to me..she had one of those a few months back.im quite certain its gotta do wit another UTI.arghhh...so, ayah trus call ambulance coz mama dh xleh grak...i ikut mama nek ambulance..it was the second time i had a ride on ambulance...n i still think its real cool to see others motorists give way...heheheheh....

smpai A&E, mcm2 test diorg wat....blood test yg truk ckit..coz mama has stubborn vein...so susa ckit nk dptkn blood sample...abes biru2 lengan mama...

Monday, February 11, 2008

my-so-called-"Xin Nian celebration"

I guess its not too late to wish all my fellow chinese friends, a very prosperous, healthy n wiser new year of rat!may this new year will bring more fun n laughter to your lives...

well, last thursday, my family n i went to melaka..luckily we did a reservation earlier..tp mase tu pn dh byk hotel yg dh fully-booked...so in the end we settled with Everly Hotel..its nearby Klebang beach..we stayed there before...about 7 years ago..back then it was called Riveirra...hotel tu kire ok laaaa...tp x setaraf dgn harga die laaaa...physically, hotel tu cume 3 star..tp harge die dh mcm 4 star...haishhh...swimming pool pn dh mcm sungai sbb ade org yg masuk pool pkai shirt..mane bole!kang kalo tenggelam, x timbul2, sape nk jwb???haissshhh...neway, nothing much pn yg leh buat kt situ...the beach is nice..i mean real nice...d sand sgt soft...i love to walk barefoot on the beach...mandi laut?cannot..sbb org hotel kate byk batu karang...ugh..sungguh x best.

on top of all d whining, breakfast die besh..xdela best mcm breakfast kt palace dulu..tp ok laaa... mase breakfast tu, d hotel invites a group to perform lion dance...mmg best...we really enjoyed the performance...kdg2, mcm takut jgk...cos they danced, btol2 kt sbelah table kitorg..best btol jd malaysian nih...byk celebration yg ade...yg x berkenaan pn bole same2 meraikan...pastu dpt cuti lak tuh..dat was d best part laaa...heheheh

tp time blk, something bad happens...update l8er...daaaaa

Friday, February 1, 2008

my-so-called-'amek cuti'

semlm, i take an emergency leave.jus decided that i need to get off some things and nk relax..so cuti je...thou didnt do anytin special, i did went to d dentist..heheh...dh rase boring sgt, ajak mama g dentist...saje je...dh lame x wat scalling...bile g sane i realise d last time i pay a visit to a dentist was on june 2005...hehhehe...so much of twice a year la kan...beria je pegi, doc ingat nk cabut ke ape...bile dgr i cakap saje je nk cek n wat scalling, die gelak...ape?pelik ke saje saje nk cek gigi...ceit.bile dia tgk, dia siap ckp- cik adik, gigi cik adik ni dh cukup bagus...yeah rite. i wish it is.xsuke gums yg tebal sgt.grrrrr....bile ckp psl surgery je, trus i sengih2, n ckp nk kne blah...arghhh...xsanggup ah nk go under d knives just to get a better looking smile...im fine wif wut i have.im contented.alhamdulillah.

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