Thursday, November 25, 2010

I don't need to justify myself

lama tak update
tup tup
dh tinggal 15 hari till we tie the knot
esok, dh tinggal 2 weeks
oh gosh!

things seem to fell into place now
no more time to plan new things now
so I'll just go with the flow

and yeah...there are changes here and there prior to the wedding
which i couldnt careless anymore
seriously, redha je
and things getting more and more like "Our marriage, THEIR wedding"
biaaaarr laaaaaaaa

and I promised myself to just smile on it
tak kesah la whatever turned up on that day,
I'll just smile
yg penting, semoga akad kami berjalan lancar
yg lain, belakang kire

smlm, dah start distribute card among colleagues and bosses
and as expected, I've been getting some 'funny' reactions upon knowing I'm getting married
as from most of the chinese, it would be "Whoaaa..U're getting married liao ah???"
I'm 25, for malays, its a common age to get hitched
but not for (some) chinese
infact, to them, 30 pon kire masih awal... ngeeeeeeee

yg melayu lak
sibuk tanye bape lame cuti
dh tu diikuti lak ngan soklan kepoh berbau honeymoon kt mane
ah ah ah
tak suke soklan ni
sebab sebab sebab....erm...sentap sikit bab ni
sebab sebab sebab...we have no plans for this

we're in such a tight budget
mane dgn majlis
daily expenses lagi
and of course, our crib
which demands a (hell) lot of moolah
so, honeymoon or hornymoon or whatever u name it, is not in our list
at least not for now la

mmg dulu ade la berangan nk gi sana, gi sini
berangan kan best
so bile berangan tu, mmg nk up up je...
siap dh survey² kt mane yg best
the price, the attractions and what not

tapi, reality check, we're not that 'senang' to spend for that
how i wish money is not an issue for us.... "_"
nk spend on anything, spend je...
tak payah nk pikir, kang ujung bulan aku nk makan ape????
*sigh* *sigh*

however, deep down inside, i do hope we could have a couple of nights getaway
just the two of us, like most newlyweds do
tak dpt legend water chalet kt PD, M-Suite pon jadi laaa
ade sesape nk hadiahkan x? hahaha
coz namenye kami nk spend duit utk tu, mmg tak kot

nevertheless, knowing that we'll be staying on our own after the wedding,
keeps me sane

ahhhhhhhh...tak dpt honeymoon tempat grand² pon takpe
honeymoon je kt tingkat 8 tu hari² sampai muntah
swimming pool pon ade je kt bawah nun
(someone joked and says, "that's not honeymoon. thats honeystars!" lol)

at the end of the day, tak kesah la mane pon
yg penting, is the companion
kan kan kan?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

our final 20

ade double meaning

first of, its 20th!
our 4th years and 6th months monthversary or whatever u call it
yeah. we I am that cheesy to wish him every freaking month
he, on the other hand, couldn't be bothered with dates

hence its the last time we'll celebrate the 20th
lepas ni, concentrate on the 11th pulak... :)

and coincidently, it marked 20 days to 11th dec
mcm tak percaya.

p/s: girl dh blk puncak alam.. only He knows how i felt. been crying the whole night. :'(

Thursday, November 18, 2010

how time flies

I was browsing through some not-so-old pictures

was going through pictures
back when i was still in UM onwards

coz only from UM onwards, I have a digital camera
for those years before that, semua pakai print outs
so takde softcopy la

btw, as i went through the pictures
those amazing 3 years in UM
the lepaks at setabak
the late suppers at abg zul
the gamba bodoh2 in our small rooms in 8th College
the many birthday celebrations
the MEM, the 8thplorace, the FesKina, the Choir, the Piala Nazrin
the entah ape lagi aktiviti yg aku dok menyelit

the camwhoring in DK1 or while waiting for tutorials
even those camwhoring in labs
the once in a while lunch at 12th
the Angklung class
the Cybernite

the (countless) trip to midvalley
the many latenight movies
the trip to Ulu Yam
the trip to Sekinchan
the annual dinners

then dah start keje,
i went back to jb
but took time once a year for mini trips with some friends
to tioman
to a famosa
to redang

and it stopped there
as we moved on with our lives
some has settled down
some has buns in the oven
some in the midst of preps of settling down
not to forget, some having their time of their life

i missed them
i missed those moments

how time flies...
and all this, left me a teary eye.

22 Days to go

and I'm nervous

1 sec, I felt like.. "cepatla 11 dec"
tak sabar nk mulekan hidup berdua

and the next second,
terus "eh eh..tinggal ** hari je???byk nye tak settle lagi!!!! HELPPPP"

but most of the time
when i got caught in the later thought
I just brushed it off

I 'd prefer to think of our life after wedding (read: marriage life)
gatal? no la
tak payah la nk fikir only on the sexual side
i lebih kpd excited nk hidup bersama
to share everything together
materially, emotionally and spiritually

ni dh ade rumah, lg best berangan
dh fikir, bgn pagi, solat sama2, keluar gi keje sama2
then balik, jumpe kt rumah mak dia dulu
then balik rumah sama2

nnt kalau tak penat, i'll fix us some dinner
tang dinner ni i excited plus nervous sikit
he'd prefer non-rice for dinner
so i kene pandai pelbagai kan menu
meehun sup/goreng, sandwiches, hotdogs, chicken roasts
yong taufu, lempeng, roti jala, cekodok dan mcm2 lagi
oh tak sabar nk masak utk suami... :)

eh itu pon, provided that the kitchen utensils cukup laaa
kang dapur gas pon takde, nk masak atas lighter kah?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm not a perfect muslim
i admit that
and please do know that everyday is a journey for me to become a better muslim

but please, don't judge me
i did not judge others
i did not put on high hopes on others
i did not expect people to look up on me
as im no perfect
not at all

but you have no right to judge me
only He can
only He has all the right to do so
only He knows what i feel deep down inside

saya malu
betul2 malu
rasa mcm 'ditelanjangkan' di depan org ramai
saya tahu masih byk perkara yg saya jahil
tp itu bukan caranya

saya faham.

Friday, November 12, 2010

of banner and bunting

Oh My Crap!!!!
in less than a month, baru i terhegeh² nk cari gamba for it

remember that i did mention weols dpt free 2 banners
masa beli wedding cards tu?
i ade mention ke?
ntah...tak igt dah

well, caron ade ckp jgn lambat sgt bg gamba
ni dh lg 28 hari
lambat ke tak eh?

smlm, beria godeh laptop
cari gamba
try to edit here and there

fyi, instead of 2 banners
we requested for a banner and bunting each,
so the banner is for my side
the bunting for his side
sbb his reception kn wat kt umah
rase cam tak sesuai lak letak banner kt rumah
that's my opinion laaa

as for my side,
we'll put on my parent's pics
mmg menjadi impian mama and ayah... hiks!
takpe...kasi can!

his side lak, our pics la
i short list a few,
share kt fb with myPerson
and asked him to pick which one he love
and the one he chose, I loved it too!

no.not this pic. kedudukan kaki ku sungguh tak sopan

so td ni mase lunch time,
smpat mengarang email to caron
smbil type, smbil tawakal hope all this is not too late
panjang email i
siap bg details, nk ayat mcm mane
kaler ape, taknak sarat and all
gile demanding aku nih! (baru tau?)

after i'd sent the email,
i gave caron a call
surprisingly, she still remembers
ahaks! tak sure igt yg baik or yg tak bape best
ye laa...throughout process buat kad, mmg i byk call and mail her
betolkan itu ini...hahahaha
tu yg dia igt kot! hiks!

so for now, kite tunggu dan tawakal
supaya hasilnye memberansangkan

p/s: dh dpt kad jemputan ceq rose...anyone going? I sure am. InsyaAllah

DoorGift for kids

suda setel
berkat kegigihan n kesabaran my dear sister and i
sanggup berpanasan di kedai borong makanan ringan

utk DoorGift for kids,
we did thought of having the 30g swirly lollies
dlm 1.20 each
price wise, mmg ok sgt

tp, to me, its too big for kids below 7 to consume it
kompem diorg makan halfway, then taknak dh
terus buang
i yg tgk ni yg skt hati lak kang
nk beli yg kecik, mcm kecik sgt pulak
so tak jadi lollies

then terpikir nk bagi cotton candy
suke sgt
tp malangnye, i tak jumpe vendor from jb
and masa pon dh suntuk utk teruskan pencarian

at the end, wat goodies pack sudah
memula mama yg tak berkenan
katanye nnt byk sampah
ala...buat kt dewan kn...
bukan kite yg kemas
takpe laaaa...
at least ade variety...

so smlm, pegi kedai borong makanan kt tampoi
near angsana
dia deret kedai borong bahan kek c. siang
tp depan lagi

mmg buruk kedainye
nama kedai pon takde
tapi pilihan mmg byk
puas hati laaaa

my wonderful assistant

sibuk kira2

pilih punye pilih
siap bawak calculator
supaya tak over budget

dh kat cashier pon masih kira2..takut sgt over budget!

we got everything we wanted
and masih bwh bajet

balik, terus packing sambil tgk Chinta
9 lebih baru siap
skt pinggang ni
nasib 200 packs je...


comel kan
mama kate mcm birthday party packs.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


tak tipu punye!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

as at 30!

woot woot!
lg 30 hari yaw!
equivalent to 4 saturdays

daymn! cepat gile masa berlalu
and i started to get nervous
like seriously nervous!

lets see, ape perkembangan so far k

  1. semalam berjaya siapkan doorgift utk dewasa. telur akan di masukkan 1/2 hari sblm. so for now, consider siap je la
  2. am taking half day off today. nk g cari doorgift utk kids. harap2 jumpe yg berkenan, and terus beli
  3. baju? jgn tanye. tak start ape pon lagi. mmg gile.i tak gile. nizam yg gile. kalau tak siap, i'll make sure dia jadi betol2 gile! tapi, baju nikah lelaki dh siap... we loved it! Sabree Tailor. sgt disarankan ok!
  4. guestbook cards dah siap. deconye, i kene susun, amik gamba, and print, so that senang diorg nk atur nnt. i'll be the queen of the day, remember? taknak wat keje! main tunjuk je (gile bossy! erk!)
  5. invitation cards, dh tulis2, tp alamat belom print. kwn2, sile tinggalkan alamat ye kalau nk kad...ade byk lg for family punye, dh bg by hand dh last week.
tu je la kot
lg pon i pakai planner kan
thats y i takde la nk update byk on the food ke
bunga telur ke
bunga manggar ke
hall layout ke, event flow ke
tu semua, i biar nizam settle, i tinggal endorse je nnt. ehem!
speaking of which, i should expect the samples by next week
can't wait!

as for now, kepale mmg serabut sikit
mana nk pikir pasal rumah (this really caught my attention at the mo)
suke sgt pikir psl rumah
dah malas nk fikir details of the majlis
ngade betol!

nak pikir pasal kerja lg
makin hujung thn, makin byk keje
ni smlm baru dpt tau, service tax akan naik from 5 to 6% effective 1 jan 2011
so i kene prepare to update our system on that
kerja yg pending, tak yah citer la, byk!
nk present quarterly stewardship meeting lagi
adoiyai....nk cari keje lain la mcm ni
soul! tempat ko ade keje kosong tak?

oh oh
yg paling men'distract' i is this one special event
coming up this saturday!
i'll be a runner on that day
pagi, kene g singapore, petang, bz bz bz...
i'll update on that later
hint: the effect of that particular day, will give a huge twist on my BIG day :)
tak sabar!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

we managed to settle with a place to settle down
not really settle down permanently, as its only a rent place
but it is more than enough. for us. for now

been searching high and low for our so-called-crib-to-be
hari² dok jenguk
to check out any house for rent yg berbaloi
and menepati citarasa and of course, our pocket

to be frank, we did not budget much for a place to rent
just a sum that we thought would be reasonable to get a nice place
when i say nice, it meant, rumah yg just nice for 2 of us to stay in
tak perlu besar, berkeadaan baik, selesa and bersih
and kalau boleh rumah teres

little did we know, with our tight budget,
we could only get a terrace house somewhere further up pasir gudang
in fact, there, we might manage to get a double storey pon
its real darn cheap over there
but to get one in between kempas and pasir gudang
its almost impossible
those we could get, probably a flat or medium cost apartment (read: no lift)

at first, kami redha
flat pon flat laaaaa
tapi nk dijadikan cerita
ayah tolak cadangan kami
he said "adik tak kasi kitorang datang la eh?"

fyi, my mom is on wheelchair
kalau dh takde lift tu, camne dia nk dtg kan?
I knew that. I really do
tp dah itu je yg kami mampu... :(

tapi....semua tu ade hikmah
berkat kesabaran kami, n kelantangan ayah bersuara,
kami usaha lagi
dan kami jumpe rumah yg bile i masuk
terus terdetik "this is our home"

ye mmg kami hanya menyewa
tapi buat masa ini, itu lah syurga kami

it may be small,
it may not turn out to be as what we expected before
but its a place we'll first start live in together
a place to come home to
a place to embark our future

and semalam, myPerson dh byr part of the deposit
btw, we decided to masuk lmbt skit
around 15th, after my majlis
so nanti nk dekat2 nk masuk baru bayar full payment
lgpon, the owner need some time to touch up the place


yeap..its an apartment. bukan rumah bawah.
dont worry, yg ini, ada lift
mama boleh dtg....
nk tidur pon bole... :)

and now, we're scouting for things to fill our 'crib'
cube meminta nasihat n pandangan dr org yg dh berkeluarga
on what are the things yg patut kami dahului
and things yg boleh ditangguh

oh, ya ampun
byknye duit yg perlu dipakai yea...
brg ruang tamu, dapur, bilik kami, bilik tamu, toilet...sighhhh

takpe laaa, kami akan beli perlahan²
takde istilah 'cuci kaki' di sini
semua start dari sifar
baru laa thrill..... ;p

infact, i cant wait to have our first meal
together, atas kotak fridge (itu pun kalau by that time, fridge dah beli.. ;p)

p/s: dpt sense tak maksud tersirat di akhir² entry ini? clue: perkakas rumah ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our E-Invite

oh...tak pernah terfikir pon nk wat bende ni
it just happened that I came across a blog (tak igt siape)
somewhere last month
and she did mention that Wedding Kami ade buat promotion
Free Wedding Invitation site for majlis Nov-Dec
worth at least RM400

so I pon drop by their facebook and website
and saje je laa join
cube nasib kan

little that I knew, that luck is by my side!
I am one of the pasangan yg dpt....phiewwww

so ni dh ade free, buat je la kan
nama nya i nk kuar kan duit, mmg tak laa
paling² pon buat dkt fb sudaaaa

first of, semalam they send me this email

so I folllowed the link attached,
fill in the form given...
tang desired wedding address tu yg i blur tu
tak tau nk letak ape
nk wat ayat mushy² ke gedik² ke ape
last², back to basic suda...
pakai nama kami jeee
boring..I know....

anyhoo, siap isi,
dia bagi ni

than, this morning
I've been notified that the site dh ready

I pon ape lagi dgn excitednye,
terus login and update laa ape yg patut
tang gamba tu, itu je ade buat masa ni
kalau rajin, i tambah
kalau tak, sampai ke sudah korang buat² suke ja la gamba tu k

within minutes....voila!!

jemput la drop by yea....

if doesnt work for u,
u may try  here

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mesti turun!


I've been ignoring my diet plan for quite some time now
however, i did monitor my weight
just that i did not really control what i eat
I just ate whatever I crave for (of course in moderation)
and so far, my weight is quite stable
tak turun, tak naik...

bile dpt call dr my planner tadi....
dia baru je ukur kain nikah yg i beli
and he said, org jakel tu kedekut
potong ngam2 2 meter (for the baju)
he's afraid that its not enough
so dia ade mention that i need to be size so and so utk muat

esok nk gi sana ukur...
fuuuhhhhh...cuak gile dowwwww
mana nk cekau kain kalau x cukup?????

mesti uols surprised kan
majlis lagi 38 hari, esok baru nk ukur badan
nizam mmg purposely buat lambat2
konon nk suruh i stable kan my weight first
so tak payah alter2 nnt

jgn tak sempat siap sudaaaaaa
kalau tak siap....dia laaa yg siap!

p/s: beria i minum detox tea mlm ni, dgn harapan esok, I'll lose a couple of inches..yeah right! takpe...positif!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Its November!

but I'm having cold feet


Our E-Invite by WeddingKami