Tuesday, May 10, 2011

of being 4 months!

been quite some time since i last wrote in
i just couldn't find the time nor vibe to do so
I have limited internet connections in current office
limited as in only 1 hour of blog-walking per day
they are strict like that
dont ever get me started on FB
they totally blocked it

however, i did utilize the 1 hour freedom as much as i could
by reading other blogs
especially those who are mommy-to-be
just to read their experiences and such

oh oh
our little one is almost half-baked now
4 months through, and Im enjoying every moment of it
it wasn't really a stroll at the beach though

its true, the morning sickness has subsides by now
it did happen occasionally, but very minimal i must say
but something else decided to pay me a visit
my migraine!!!

at first i thought it was just one of the things you have to endure while being pregnant
but when it comes quite too often and only at one side of my head
i knew by then, this is not normal
waking up in the morning, trying to stand straight was quite a struggle
often I felt lightheaded, throbbing and spinning all at once
trying to walk normally to the toilet is another story
thus so far, within a month, I have taken 3 days of MC due to migraines
what a bad record of a 2 months old new employee

my appetite? dont get me started on this
i eat almost anything!!!
so far I only rejected curry
other than that, oh yeah...come to mama!!!
no major craving just yet
only some serawa durian, naan cheese, nasi lemak, big mac are some that makes into the list
common foods right?
my hubs is a lucky man! :)

as i read through infos on being pregnant,
second trimester should be the 'honeymoon' trimester
where we, m2b, should feel more energetic and livelier
and those constant urge on emptying the full- bladder shud decrease by now
but not in my case
it remains!
i need to go to the toilet at least twice every night
making me feel groggy in the morning
hence the multiple snooze of the alarms '__'

eh eh
I should be able to know the gender of my baby by now right?
as excited i can be to see the lil one, and know the gender,
dear hubs is not in the same page as mine
he does not really fancy me going through too many rounds of ultrasounds
so we decided to wait
till whenever he said its ok to do so

baby stuff?
none yet!
but I'm very eager on breastfeed our lil one
so, I'm enjoying making some research on which breastpump is suitable for me and our 'pocket'
nad....ko pakai ape huh??? advice skit

on another note,
our crib is still in quite a mess
i have a room half full of unorganized stuff
still couldnt find time to rearrange them
need to do so before i hit third trimester
i need to make room for our lil one's stuff
keep that in mind missy!

ok tu je!

p/s: panas gile mlm td kan?

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