Friday, August 27, 2010


If i were given a choice,
I will not choose

Thursday, August 26, 2010


this time around, Gastricitis!


mama said i looked like a heavily preggo lady
i tends to put my hand on my tummy everytime i move
from sit to stand
from stand to sit
from sit to lying down
u get the drill rite?

i HAVE to hold my tummy
i just had to
or else, i rase mcm perut ni nk terburai
mcm nk tercicir...
sakit gile
mcm dinding perut tu kene cakar2 dr dlm!
pedih. sakit.

tak yah citer laaa
ntah bape kali dahhh
tiap kali batuk, nk muntah
but still, i try continue my puasa

who am i to complain kn?
redha je laa

smlm dh g clinic
did get some meds n of course mc for the day
tapi cam tak jln je meds tu

i did thought of going to hospital
tapiiiiiii, i'm very sure that if i did
they'll admit me!
tak nak!!!!

spend my ramadhan in the ward?
serious tak nak
sape nk masak kt umah?
sape nk jage mama?
i can't. at least not on this holy month

so the solution?
smpai hujung nyawa. if possible!

p/s: everytime i fell sick, it's the same. no changes. no attention. again. who am i to complain? i'm nothing. i should know by now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Juadah Berbuka

setiap tahun
our juadah berbuka are almost the same
but different from normal days
get it?

our family jarang mkn nasi berlauk for berbuka
as it is the special month of the year
juadah pon lain sikit

Here are Iftar menus that we had since day 1

  1. Lontong
  2. Mee sup/ Bihun goreng
  3. Mee Kari Kerang
  4. I seriously couldn't recall what we had on day-4
  5. Ketupat/Nasi Ambang/Kerabu/Lemak Siput (PaRam)
  6. Nasi Ayam (@ Home) / LC Catering(for us)
  7. Nasi + Singgang Parang bersantan
  8. Nasi Lemak + Sambal Sotong + Pengat Pisang
  9. Roti Jala + Kari Daging + Puding Karamel
  10. Mee Hun goreng putih + Mee Sup
  11. Laksa Penang
  12. Soto + Begedil
  13. Nasi + Ikan Siakap 3 Rasa (@ Home) / Banafee (for us)
Pending list
  1. Nasi Tomato
  2. Nasi Beryani
  3. Spageti Bolognaise
  4. Laksa Johor
  5. KueyTeow Goreng Kerang
Amacam? Variety tak?
setakat ni cume sekali je I pegi PaRam
which is on the Day-5 tu
mmg tak masak langsung
it's a must to have a day of juadah PaRam
especially from PaRam Uda area masjid
love the ketupat and siput sedut!

erm....I'm proud to say that I did cook all the food on the previous list
except for those days yg i buka luar tu laaa

Alhamdulillah...kekurangan mama, menjadi kelebihan utk i
i learned a lot, walaupon dulu selalu bebel sorg2 bile kene masak
berkat mama selalu paksa dulu,
now I did picked up few good skills in the kitchen
lagi syukur, dpt sediakan juadah for Iftar n sahur for the family

it is, somehow, one of the most important skill
that you need to brush up
before stepping into a marital world...right?

so to all my dear fello b2bs....
get ur spatula, and hit the pan!
happy 'chef'ing!

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Sangkar Kristal

    last sunday, myPerson and I iftar bersama
    yeap...both in JB, but we decided to see each other on wikens only
    means iftar and settle pape yg patut in 1 day (evening actually)
    maknanye, hanya akan berbuka bersama +-4 kali je ramadhan kali ni

    takpe..thn depan, hari2 ngadap muka dia
    anyways, ntah kenape, he decided nk buka 'special' skit
    dia ajak buka kt hotel
    oh no no! i won't let him splurge on one night
    knowing him yg mmg tak berape nk 'masuk' sgt dgn buffet spread ni
    he tends to "kenyang awal"...get it?
    so spending 60-80 ringgit per person utk Iftar is definitely a no no!
    membazir je...

    so instead of berbuka at some fancy hotels,
    weols pilih LC Catering
    diorang bukak a bankuet hall for this purpose
    ke mmg hall tu diorg punye? something like dat laaa

    it is named Sangkar Kristal
    the hall dekat at the end of jln serampang
    ala...betol2 dekat Pelangi Golf Driving Range

    weols smpai sane 6.15...awal kan????
    saje gerak awal sbb igt jam...
    tp jangkaan kami meleset
    jam la sikit...tkat kt traffic light je laaa..
    so within half an hour, weols dh smpai

    sampai, kompemkan reservation
    and of course, bayar laaa
    how much??? RM 39 per pax
    ok laaaa...stil mahal, tapi...OK laaaaaa
    bajet babe...bajet!!!! '_'

    so while waiting,
    kitorg dok tgk org main golf
    one word. BORING!

    around 7, weols pon masuk
    btw, the place setting is almost like a hotel alike laa
    so ade laa feeling2 sikit kan

    the food? was ok..mediocre i must say
    nothing to shout about nor to complain
    sume style melayu laaa...takde western ke chinese ke
    but the spread...syukur alhamdulillah
    memenuhi citarasa kami laaa

    my fav? ayam penyet and tahu jepun!

    p/s: while waiting, we had this talk on the 'future'...he slipped a 'dream' conversation that goes "abg..jom main futsal"..."abg...jom main ps". nampak sgt he'd love to have a son for our first child....InsyaAllah syg..i tak kesah boy or girl...yg penting, they're sihat...semoga kami 'murah rezeki'..Amin.

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    dugaan and differences

    I hate to admit this
    but it really seems like it

    sejak tunang ni
    both of us, asik sakit je
    i tak perasan..but my colleague did
    she said "fana n afiq ni, sakit asek jangkit2 je.."
    tu laaa...kalau dia sakit, nnt tak lama pastu, i lak kene
    tak demam, semput
    tak semput, gastrik la ape laa
    no major sickness laaa
    yg biase2 je
    but it really took a toll on us
    dh la sakit, ditambah lagi dgn sakit hati

    the thing, as for myPerson,
    dia kalau sakit, dia suke bersendiri
    he did informed me dia sakit, and of cos la i mule risau and all
    asek call or text him, asking his condition
    he didn't like it. at all.
    he'd prefer to be left alone...

    i tried to understand
    yeap.he needs to rest. i did get it
    buttttt...i got so worried...mane bole dok diam jee
    name je keje...tapi hati and pikiran tu asek kt dia je...camne tu?
    tu yg bole jadi gaduh tuuu
    sorg nk rest, sorg lg asek risau...camne tu?????

    as for me, on the other hand
    i tak suke dibiar 'rest'
    u get what i mean?
    kalau bole i nak dia slalu dgn i
    tak perlu ade physically sebelah i,
    but at least, let me feel like he is. (faham tak?)

    dh sakit kn, haruslaaa nk extra attention dr org tersayang kan
    butttt, he treat me mcm dia yg sakit
    kn dia kalau sakit, nk bersendirian kan
    haaa..tu la dia...he'll just leave me alone, expecting me to 'rest'
    ape lagi, of cos la drama akan bermulaaaa
    mule la rase dia tak sayang la,baik mati je la, ape la..(read: drama queen mode)
    serius..mase tu mmg rase sedih sgt...
    dia mcm endah tak endah je dgn i
    mmg la sesekali dia akan col or msg tanya kabar and all
    tp sesekali jeee....
    to me yg tgh sakit ni, tak cukuppppp
    bak kata dia, "semua pon tak cukup..." (sedih)

    we're getting married
    skrg ni mase sakit, berjauhan
    nnt dh kawen, bile sakit, we're in a home, together
    apekah bile dia sakit, i kene keluar dr rumah?
    jauh kan diri, supaya dia dpt 'rest'?
    i tak nak...
    i nak selalu by his side...and i really hope that applies to him too

    one of the (many) reasons ppl got married
    is to go through THICK and THINS together
    bukan hanye mase juga mase SUSAH
    and I'm looking forward to that

    tapi if this got prolonged,
    i harus mengalah
    i don't want it to take a toll on our marriage pulak nnt
    cukup la dh sakit...jgn ditambah lak dgn sakit hati
    someone has to give in

    bende ni mmg nmpak kecik
    tapi impact dia....sgt BESAR
    weather i like it or not, I have to sit and think hard on it
    sampai bile nk macam ni kan?

    yes, mmg biasenye, our spouse nye characters are different from us
    and that is when u COMPLETE each other
    tp if those differences, could risk ur marriage
    u ought to do something about it

    as for my case,
    I'll change.
    I folloooowwwww....... (read: sinar fm mode)

    p/s: I'm not complaining...just letting things out of my chest..I'm sure ramai yg lalui bende ni u all get through it yeah?

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    Another AirAsia Promo

    Please take note - Travel from 1 Apr 2011 to 11 Aug 2011

    I did try and error
    saje test JB-KK
    the lowest yg I dpt try is RM70, return flight for 2!
    that is RM10 for each pergi and blk tickets...

    murah....tapi I tak book pon
    saje je

    p/s: ngantok gile!

    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Solat Sunat Syukur after Ijab Qabul

    I've been having this em....angan2
    since I tgk my mom's bestfriend's daughter did this mase majlis nikah dia
    dia nikah kt masjid selayang
    the thing is, after sah je ijab qabul,
    they both (bride and groom) solat syukur berjemaah at one corner (terlindung sikit)
    and the groom, mengimamkan and diorg doa same2
    it was such a memorable sight
    jarang kan tgk pengantin solat berjemaah
    then, balik rumah baru ade upacara batal air sembahyang
    sarung2 cincin and all

    eversince that, I told mama, I wanted the same :-)
    that will be the first 'activity' we did once dah 'sah'
    it should be a great start for an amazing journey together

    and THAT is the reason why i insist
    on having a SHE as my mak andam for solemnization day
    not HE or even SHEMALE
    so that i can preserve my wudhu'
    and thus perform solat together with my 'newly-hubby'

    mmg la bole nk amek a non-she
    tapi cam leceh la kan
    diorg kene pakai glove la pulak
    since i do have a choice, i would love to choose

    there's a slight chance that I'll be having my period on THAT day!
    weols nikah 11 Dec 2010
    today IS 10 Aug 2010
    and tomorrow is first Ramadhan
    and I will no be able to fast (read: red flag)
    it's my 3rd day....
    makanye, kemungkinan besar, hari nikah, daku masih dlm menses

    harap2 by then dah hujung2
    not first day ke ape
    tak sanggup nk tanggung period pain on my special day...
    oh tidak....
    so my angan2 yg earlier on tu,
    will be on hold...

    ade rezeki, InsyaAllah....

    Monday, August 9, 2010


    dalam proses mengumpul alamat dari kawan2
    via fb je laaaaa
    tag kt message jee

    did thought of wat event invitation tu
    tapi tak nak laaa
    too early kot

    ni mintk awal pon
    sbb nk organize awal
    kang senang..tinggal print je
    tak payah tulis alamat satu2
    kang slh tulis, ade tak smpai
    so whatever diorg bg, itu laa yg akan i print and send
    kalau tak smpai gak, not my fault....ngehehehe

    lagi satu, bole bajet bape kad utk friends...
    so hrp2 takdela kes tak cukup or pembaziran yg terlampau

    tp setem 60 sen????
    masih garu2 kepala...
    takpe lah
    yg penting, ikhlas.....

    harap sgt2 diorang dpt dtg
    ye laaa..i ni kt jb
    most of my friends, especially the UM clans
    mostly kt kl
    kwn skolah kt convent n teknik pon
    ramai dh ke kl
    hopefully they could spare some time utk memeriahkan my majlis...
    tau korang!!!!

    p/s: tapi kalau tak dpt dtg, pos hadiah! ngeh!

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Settle sudaaa

    pertaining the Faulty ATM entry,
    settle sudaaa...
    smlm ayah cek, they already credited the money to his account

    btw, ayah takde laa marah2 sgt pon
    the day after kejadian tu,
    dia gi bank, wat report
    mama kata, balik tu siap nyanyi2 lagiii

    dia kate pihak bank pon cam relek jeee
    nampak sgt it happens...
    so tu yg ayah pon lek jeee

    tup2, smlm dh dpt balik dh
    cepat kan?
    ade org kate kene tunggu 2-3 weeks
    tu pon kene dok follow up
    nasib masing2 la kan...

    Saturday, August 7, 2010

    A cup of tea, anyone?


    Do u love tea, as much as i am?

    and what did you do to the 'used' tea bags?
    toss it away?

    think it again.....i suggest, don't

    there couple of things that u could benefit from the bags

    first of all, it could reduce the puffyness on ur eye and of course, the panda eye!
    besides cucumber, did you know, teabags does wonders too!

    next, as a scrub!
    i mean for hand and foot
    i love it!

    so the next time u're about to brew urself a cuppa tea,
    try this:
    1. brew a teabag in boiled water for a couple of minutes (at least until u get ur desired 'tone' of tea color)
    2. put the teabag(s) on a saucer, and toss it in the fridge (or a freezer, if u're in a hurry)..30 minutes would do...just to get it slightly chilled, not frozen yeah!
    3. add sugar to your tea, and enjoy them while letting the teabags chill for a while
    4. get ur teabags, lay down on couch or ur comfy bed, nicely placed teabags on each eye
    5. make sure ur eyes are closed, or else, those tea liquid will get into ur eye!
    6. relax......enjoy it while listening to ur favourite music for as long as u like....
    7. once u cannot endure the stiff of ur eyes being closed, get up!
    8. here comes the scrubbing....tear the bags, gently...and rub it on ur hands
    9. next, on ur foot too....please be reminded, these steps will get kinda it in ur bathroom yeah!
    10. take ur time and scrub ur hands and feet away...imagine all the dirt and dead skin cells being removed...
    11. enjoy your soft and supple skin...especially ur hands!

    try it yeah!!!
    it doesn't cost u any extra penny!

    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    A promise is just a promise

    until we mean it

    people makes promises
    and they tend to abort them easily
    without knowing it

    baru 5 minit td, berjanji sakan
    and now, it all goes with the wind

    life memang mcm tu kn
    skrg ni, promises tu sume dh takde makne dah
    janji tinggal janji je laaa (igt lagu KRU?)

    kene panggil 'contract' baru people will stick to it
    of cos la contract tu in black and white kn
    at least bole jadi valid evidence in the court
    yg pakai air liur ni, dah tak laku dah bai

    p/s: are those written in sms, considered black n white? valid tak agak2 eyh? hurmmmm

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    buat malu la weiiiiii

    mana la ko letak akal tu....
    ade jugak org mcm ni kt dunia ni eh
    wat malu laa weiiii

    how stupid are you to ckp satu2 negeri tu HINA hanye becos dia takde Famos Amos' outlet?
    sedih tau tak?sedih!

    I love amos' cookies too
    and yeap, kt jb ni mmg takde outlet dia
    tapi tak pernah lak terpikir johor ni hina
    jauh bebenor perginye tu dik non oiiiii!!!!

    tak kesa laa kalo ko dh mintak maap pn
    bende dh dibaca org oi
    gambo ko pon dh terpampang kt fb tuuu
    u r sooo WANTED! (u know what i mean)

    p/s: agak2, kalo sultan tau ni, ape hukuman nye eh? hmmmmm
    p/p/s: remember kes yg budak post kt fb konon nk bom tu? renung2kanlah yea....

    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    I'm no ANGEL

    hati ku kotor


    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Faulty ATM

    mama baru call around 3 td

    mama: adek, igt tak yg kite try kuarkan duit ayah kt Giant Plentong aritu?
    me: hah...kenape? (suara dh cuak gile!)
    mama: duit 500 tu dia tolak....
    me: whatttt????

    citenye camni
    2 weeks ago, mama, girl n me ke giant plentong
    tujuan nk ke nagoya and beli groceries
    sblm tu, ayah dh pas kat atm bank islam dia
    so smpai sana, i tried to withdraw RM 500 from the ATM

    the thing is, kt sane takde atm bank islam
    so my first 2 attempts was from Maybank nye ATM
    i vividly remembered
    sbb i mmg dh biase dgn acc maybank kan
    so maybank yg akan i try first

    tp tu laaaa
    dh cucuk duit, key in pin, amount
    gedek gedek gedek (bunyi kire duit)
    lama gileee
    tetibe je kuar "transaction unsuccessfull"
    then kuar kad, duit tarak
    i tried again
    same gak

    i try Ambank nye pulak
    same gak
    tak berjaya
    so i biar je laaa
    i can't really remember ade kuar resit tak
    yg penting kalo ade pon, i dah tak simpan...

    n this afternoon, ayah gi cek kat bank islam
    saje je mintak dia print kan report transaction
    sekali mmg ade kuar 500
    tapi nasib bek 500 je
    kn i tried 3 kali
    takut la kalo 500 x 3 kannn

    i punye cuakkk
    ye la...i yg wat all the transactions tu
    i google la psl hal ni
    and i stumbled on this forum

    ramai gak upenye yg kene camni
    and rata2 jenis kad bank islam, cucuk kt maybank nye atm
    and dpt refund balik within 2-3 weeks
    but diorg mcm ade simpan resit
    i takde.....

    harap2, dgn ingatan yg masih kuat ni
    atm maybank di giant plentong
    around 3-6 pm dpt membantu
    ya Allah...byknye dugaan
    tgn ni menggigil gileeee

    nasib laa 500...bukan 5000
    tp 500 pon, byk ok!!!!
    kalo beli kad 50 sen, dpt 1000 tahu?!

    p/s: rase cam nk nangis....bile ade masalah mcm ni, i tak dpt nk ngadu ngan sesape...sedih sgt rase nye...tak tau lah smpi bile akan berlarutan mcm ni....i can't help if org dh tak perlukan kita....what we do is, we walk away....

    Invitation dilemma

    oh oh
    i have not place any bookings on the formal invitaion card just yet
    dh lambat kn?
    dh la wat majlis on the PEAK month
    tapi ni dh bulan 8, masih belom tempah kad lagi
    ni.zam dh dok kate kang lambat2, printing tolak order kang takpe...
    pikir positif

    anyway, dat's not the main purpose of this entry
    it's actually regarding the setem

    ye kawan2...harga setem suda naikkkkkkk
    kalo dulu, tempel setem 30 sen,
    udah smpai kad kamu ke mana jua dlm malaysia

    tp skrg, paling murah adelah 60 sen
    60 sen ye tuan2 dan puan2
    itupun kalo ringan
    so cik fana, lupekan je la nk tempah kad yg beralaskan kadbod di batam itu
    tah bape hinggit lak kene abes for stamp utk each kad

    tp kan...bile pikir blk, kalo kite amek kad yg murah2
    yg posen2 je...dlm 40-50 sen pon ade yg cantik
    checkout for contoh as above
    maka nye, setem lagi mahal dr kad

    i did thought of having postcards for the invi

    30 sen je setemnye ooooiiiiii

    however, having some conservative relatives,
    doesn't help at all
    afterall, diorang yg akan dpt kad2 tu kan
    so cam tak sesuai utk diberi kepada org2 kampung
    nmpak sgt nk ke'western'an tuuu
    malas nk dgr ayat2 yg kurg sedap didgr

    yes. mmg ini majlis i
    but i cant help of not thinking of others feelings as well
    so, selagi i boleh ikut cara diorg,
    i'll do my best at it

    so skrg, nk tempah kad
    harus lah yg ringan2 shj
    itu je nk cakap

    Our E-Invite by WeddingKami