Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fikirkan tak Boleh!?

Perasaan ini sering berada pada majoriti masyarakat. Ramai
memandang rendah dengan kebolehan diri sendiri- perasaan fikirkan
tidak boleh.

Perasaan ini adalah perasaan yang sering bercakap pada diri sendiri
bahawa "Saya tidak boleh melakukannya. Saya akan gagal". Setiap
kali peluang atau keadaan hadir didepan anda, pemandangan anda
menjadi kelabu dengan fikiran tidak boleh ini.

Pakar psikologist, Abraham Maslow mengatakan; memandang rendah
dengan kebolehan sendiri terjadi adalah kerana secara sedar ataupun
tidak, seseorang itu telah menerima di fikirannya bahawa tiada apa
yang dia boleh lakukan untuk mengubah keadaan dirinya.

Teringat saya dengan cerita Eddy Murphy The Nutty Professor (di
mana Eddy Murphy menjadi seorang yang gemuk Professor Sherman) dan
ketika beliau ingin menurunkan berat badannya, beliau ke gym dan
bersenam sambil berkata "Yes I can!... Yes I can!".

Anda juga perlu menjadi seperti ini (bukan menjadi gemuk!). Setiap
kali anda ingin membuat perubahan kepada diri anda, lawan fikiran
dalaman anda yang sering mengatakan "tidak boleh" kepada "Saya
Boleh! Saya Boleh".

Teknik melawan fikiran tidak boleh ini dinamakan affirmation dan
walaupun bunyi kelakar (corny), ia amat efektif. Ulangkan dengan
megucap "Saya boleh" berkali kali... perlu ucapkan! Bukan cakap
dalam hati sahaja...

Saya pula selalu membayangkan Professor Sherman setiap kali! Mesti
saya tersenyum ketika berhadapan dengan keadaan "Fikirkan Tak

-Irfan Khairi-

Someone send this article thro email..
(credit to abg elyas..nak jugak mention name dia..ehhehehe)..
yes, most of it mmg benar benar belaka..

think bout it for awhile..
i always feels cam tak leh wat tp bile dah lalui journey tuh,
baru realize that i can do it!!yes i can!!
so moral of the story, dont underestimate urself..
REDAH jer!!then u'll know how far u can go!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


isnt that what it supposed to refer to?
i guess so

yesterday, went to watch Talentime
so far I've never fail to watch any of her movies
I find them all very refreshing
including most of the ads she directed
it always left me thinking deep after watching 'em

though some might find it "berat" sebab kene "fikir"
me, on the other hand, LOVE the synical bits that left you boggling your mind

this time around,
its still in those era
those kain cotton-rumah zaman british-kereta yang i sendiri tak tau ape name dia
you know what i mean
still the same issue
different races lovey dovey storey morey
still the same scenery/location/cinematography
amazing shots, still in Perak (Ipoh I believe), banyak sangat scene yang sunyi (macam citer korea tu)

u r asking whats the difference?
i must say, she still sticks to the same rule
and i must say, i kinda got bored already
its almost like, dah agak daaaahhhh

and i rase ade a few things yang agak tak logik
first, boleh ke student yang speech/hearing impaired satu kelas ngan budak biase?
second, if i really am pekak/bisu, i dont think i can understand just by looking at jac/vanessa's mouth movement...
sangat tak bole faham coz they barely open their mouth while talking

nevertheless, Talentime is undeniably a moving one
it really touches my heart, deep
at least it does make me drop at least 5 tears
on the last scene when hafiz's mom passed away,
but he still nailed his performance in the talentime

lagu itu-sangat syahdu
situasi itu-sangat menyedihkan

maybe i yang terlebih emo cos myPerson tak rase pape pon

excuse me, but azean really looked like my mom ok
those bedridden, in baju hospital kaler ijau, pakai serkup - sangat mama
so bile dia meninggal, i macam put myself in his shoes
so adelah terlebih emo di situ

overall, sile la pergi tengok yea....

on the other note, lagu Angel (Atilia) and I Go (Aizat) adelah sangaaaaaaattt sedaaaaaaapppp
i dah dl....ngehehehehe

Friday, March 27, 2009

Save the Earth Yo'll

tomorrow night

28th Mar 2009
8.30 - 9.30 PM (Waktu Malaysia)


Note: I'm excited!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Friend

thanks a zillion on last night
u know what i mean
though u ended up with just listening to me ***ing,

thank you for your care and concern
those few minutes session somehow did relieved me
felt much better

thankyouverymuch babe

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tipu laaaa

kalau i kate i x takot
hurmm...actually, more to nervous
ape pon, i hope for the best la kan
let's see what they have to say tomorrow

semoga semuanya berjalan lancar

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One fine Sunday Morning

this morning, I came to office with new spirit
rase cam semangat nk gi kerja
walaupon ari ahad

sgt best drive ahad pagi...
dh la mlm smlm ujan
so jalan cam basah je
not many traffics
infact it was barely there
i could even here the bird chirps clearly...
cos i did wind down the window
felt the morning breeze swept my face

i must say, it was one of the finest morning I've ever had
finest??? gi blaja English lagi la farhana!!!

anyway, it all went well until
"Adakah perasaan benci ini sebenarnya cinta..."
my phone rang....
dup dap dup dap dup dap dup dap....
not today plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the day I've been told

to keep a record of any changes I went through
even the slightest ones

just got in to work
took half day off
went to clinic for appointment
wasnt due until this friday
but things got worsen last night
while taking care of mama
its throbbing, like REALLY throbbing
mama mkn tomyam, i yang rase loya tp xde bende nk muntah
as i langsung takde selera nk makan the whole day

mama soh baring kt katil dia
we talked
i ended up crying silently
she didnt know i was crying until i got up and.... fell
yeap, i slip down the bed
i kinda lost my balance to stand

mama saw the tear in my eyes
she started to cry as well
she's worried bout me
i can see that
while i'm worried about her

she urut pelan2 cos tgn dia ade IV
so xleh kuat sgt
i didnt feel anything pon
but I didnt mumble a word
the touch of her hand just soothe em
and of course, each time they got off, a few strands of hair been caught
* more sighs *
walau the throbbing got worse, i silently tahan
telling myself, not another tear! her BP will go up to see those
i did it

once i got in the car,
I cried and cried and cried
like no tomorrow
I started to think, What if there is NO tomorrow for me? What will happen to her?
I pray to have more days and strength, to take care of her
for myself, just to get home safe n sound

so this morning,
went there
usual routine
2 hours felt like 2 years
they decided to refer me to the specialist
there you go. Finally!
from now on, I have to record down every single changes I had

Silently, I prayed, I am blessed with whatever I had
just that, for all the tests, please show me the way out....

And this, was last week
12 Mar

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


lately, I find it difficult for me to be
truly, genuinely, passionately HAPPY
is HAPPY eventually a WORD? or a verb? or Noun? or....dunno
whatever it is, there's no such thing in my book of life
at least for now

it felt like the whole world
is turning my life upside down
waiting for me to stumble
nothing seems to work right

I'm losing something each day
what happen if this continues for the next 2 years
am I going to end up with...NOTHING???
I hope not.

Monday, March 16, 2009

It happened. Again.

Date: 14 Mar 2009
Time: 1310

Diagnosis: UTI

Note to self: Prepare a list of surgeries and procedures done to avoid repetitive explanation to MOs thus save some time and fasten the first stage.

Emotion: Sad but full of hopes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Redang Trip 09 (Part IV)

we stayed here

booked 2 quad-sharing room
so each room has 4 single beds
me, sya n enal in 501
while syima n nadias (nad & siti) in 502
but most of the times,
we will just cramp in one room and mess em up

we got the sea-view units
we were told they were the best here
i can see why
we had the best view, of course

bilik tu kt atas
so kene nek tangga
the best part was we shared balcony

so kat atas tu dh mcm weols punye
bole sidai baju dgn senang lenang
and angin di waktu siang adelah terbaik
mmg bole kering punye

the beach was ok laaaa
low tide in the morning
and sangaaaattt pasang by 4 pm
so by 6 tu mmg best gile utk main air laut

nadias, syima n enal did canoe

i didnt, tak berani
sbb i tau tahap kekuatan arms i
nk ke tgh laut mmg no hal
tapi kompem kt tgh laut tu nanti i give up
sbb kompem pnat gile
so, baik tak payah

while diorg took turns ber'canoe'

i enjoyed main air laut
I was never a big fan of 'mandi air laut'
as I'm more keen to swimming pool
but I still had fun over there
I guess being accompanied by great companion do change ur perception

takde wat pape pon
tried to snorkel

tp nothing to snorkel on laaa
byk batu karang yg tak cantik
so i ended up swimming jek

then konon2 feeling ala2 kt spa
buat body scrubbing
xde ape beza pon
tetap berdaki

ape lagi aktiviti eh?

UNO cards!
Happy Family cards!
Snap cards!

sgt teruja kami main those card games
I've never enjoyed card games this much before!

it was nice but not splendid!
got it?no?
let me explain
first day, lunch
nasi-ayam-bendi rebus-tak ingat ape lagi dh

first day, tea break

bubur kacang hjau-kek pisang-kuih ape tah

first day, dinner
BBQ! fried rice-bolognaise-chicken wings-lambs-sausages-fish/sotong/crab balls-wedges-coleslaws-tak ingat ape lagi, bykkkkk n sedap juge

2nd day, bfast
meehun sup-mi kari-toasts-eggs

2nd day, lunch
nasi-ayam-sotong-sayur ntah ape

2nd day, tea break
bubur kacang merah-toasts-kopok lekor-pau

2nd day, dinner
nasi-ayam-ikan-sayur ape ntah

3rd day, bfast
meehun goreng-toasts-eggs-baked beans

on top of it, we had free flow of cold/hot drinks

those menus, adelah boleh diterima tekak
takde la mcm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww ke ape
sume tgk, syukurrrrrrrrr
yg penting, saye naik 1 kilo dr 3 ari cuti ini

overall, it was so-so
from the room-food-location
wasnt that great, nor too bad
kire nye masih bole tersenyum walau pon bilik takde TV

oh i didnt mention our room has no tv right?
well, yeap.it doesnt
as for me, that's the worst point
but again, on a brighter note,
it kept us tagged to each other
i mean, more bonding time la kn

at least, we realised
that kami masih boleh hidup tanpa tv
tapi, harus ade UNO (stacko/cards)

terima kasih.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Redang Trip 09 (Part III)

by 10 am je weols dh siap2 sedia kt pondok resort

unlike tioman,
redang nye resorts, sumer ade boat nye sendiri
kire resort2 tu x geng satu same lain
so kt jeti merang tu ade byk pondok
pepandai le cari mane pondok utk resort yg korg book
kang ade yg silap nek boat kang

tunggu punye tunggu
takde bayang pon boat nye
tetibe si wakil agent tu dtg
ckp boat takleh dtg ke jeti tu
sbb low tide

so kami dibawa nek van
ke pantai berhampiran
dh la nk ke pantai tu gile berbatu2
cm berhiking lak rasenye

dari jauh, dh nampak org dok menyinsing seluar
kite kene redah lautan ke???
erk???hurm...abes la jeans!!!!

on a brighter note,
its a new experience la kn

beria la kami sinsing
lama gak nk tunggu turn nek boat tu
siap kene transit2 lagi

memula nek boat kecik

pastu kt tgh laut skit
ade speed boat besar skit ngah tunggu

so meredah laaa kami

how was it?
memula tu mmg mcm
eeeee...ape ni....yikes...abes suar aku!!!!

tapi bile dh smpai kt boat
rase cam it was not that bad after all
sempat lagi posing2 tgh2 tu

the boat ride sgt bumpy
sape yg ngah preggo, kompem terberanak
dh name pon speed boat kn
kejap je dr jeti merang ke redang
dlm 30 minit jek kot
i pon x sangke kejap je
i thot like 2 hours ke hape

smpai2, of cos la kami diturunkn kt jeti resort
ade briefing skit
sambil minum2
tapi weols cam dh x kuase dh nk layan

dok terbayang shower jek
oh indahnye kalo dpt mandi...
fyi, by then, dh 24 jam since i had my last bath
gile tak best rase nyeeee
tapi saye tetap wangiiiii
nak jugaaaakkkk

to be continued.....

next....hows the room???

Redang Trip 09 (Part II)

punye la beria weols cari bus kaler purple (Sutera)
upenye bas tambahan yg kami naik
i dok ngan syima, sya n enal

4 of us dok depan sekali
while the nadias (nad n siti) 3 rows behind sya n enal

the journey was quite smooth sailing
despite that bas tu sejuk tahap
dh pakai stoking, kemeja lengan panjang, jaket jeans tapi gigi stil ketar2
gile sejuk

gerak dr Putra 11.00 pm
biase laaa
melayu kn
kate kol 10.30, setgh jam pastu baru gerak
first time i naik bas ke East Coast ni
so agak jakun skit
especially the route

btw, mmg happening k highway ke east coast
mase benti kt petronas kt highway tu,
mmg gile byk kete ah benti
maybe sbb cuti kot
ala2 balik kampung mase raya pon ade

bas cume benti sekali je
kt Chendor (if im not mistaken)
upenye chedor tu kt Cherating

lame gak benti situ
dekat sejam kot
weols mmg turun ah
ape barang dok dlm bas yg sejuk beku tu kan

smpai Kuala Terengganu (KT) tepat kol 7 pagi

the agent representative dh siap sedia tunggu weols kt stesen bas tu
lepak jap, snap sane sini, gi toilet,
naik van, gerak

mase tu i mmg dh lapo leeee
sblom naik van, weols dh wondering nk mkn kt ne
sbb stesen tu cam gelap + sunyi jek
kalo ade pon, McD kt sbelah tu

last2 the agent ckp nnt dia bwk weols g mkn
dlm van tu
6 of us and AngMo couple
cantik pompuan tu
bulu mata dia lentik

belom panas bontot,
van benti kt gerai tepi jln
first thing i nampak, nasi dagang
diorang mkn nasi dagang pepagi???
then baru nampak ns lemak

memule nk amek ns lemak je
then terasa lak nk try ns dagang tu

well, it was ok ok je
not really my cup of tea laaaa (eicewahhhh)

then gerak ke jeti Merang
smpai sane, dlm kol 815 kot
bot kol 10
so cam lame gile lagi
si nad dh cam cacing kepanasan (exaggerate di situ)
dok la membebel nk charge hp dia

memula semua x layan
last2, semua ikut dia gi charge hp kt gerai berhampiran
nsb makcik tu baik
since nad tumpang charge, harusla order kn
takkan nk dok melangut wat bodo je kan

kami order air je
i learnt new word - "beng"
teh o beng - teh o ais
hahahhah..gile kekok nk sebot

to kill the boredom
enal kuarkan Uno Stacko
mmg gamat ah bile weols start main
asal dh tinggi je memasing dengki antara 1 sama lain

sungguh kejam memasing
bile agak2 nk jatuh je,
semua kene siap sedia selamatkan air memasing
lawak lawak

while waiting
kami dh perasan 1 group ni
ramai...dkt 20 org kot
diorg cam group yg happening laaaa
awek2 pon cun2
guys dia pon ade yg stylo2 gitu

dlm ati, "jgn la diorg satu resort ngan weols"
tettttt....they took the same boat as us
kami redha.

oh. nk naik boat tu ade cerite..

next....meredah lautan api....

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