Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wuo hen lei (Im tired)

im definitely exhausted rite now...since i got back from the trip, there are lotsa things and agenda waiting impatiently for my attention...even when im about to sleep, i have to think about it...too many things to do in such a nick of time.i wish i have more time.more time to sleep especially...havent got the time to 'qada' i already have to plan for the next trip...almost everyday, bile blk keje je, mama igtkn utk prepare my luggage...argghhhh....malasnyeeee....xbole ke kalo kite pegi vacation sehelai sepinggang...ok ape??ngeheheh...

eh.baru teringat...this friday is our anual jus happen to be that they will be held at Ming Court...went there a couple of weeks ago...i did wrote sumthing bout how nice the place x kesah pn kalo kene g sane again...the theme is tradisional...x prepare pape pn...dulu, back in uni days, kalo nk dekat annual dinner, mesti sibuk cari baju n accessories...beria g bile dh keje ni, cam syg lak duit nk beli baju semata2 utk that particular, decided to just grab wutever in the robe.kene saving skit. not sure what this entry is mainly about, but i just felt like letting sumthing out...maybe not in a proper manner..but who cares.anyhoot, now, i gotta finish preparing user guide sebelom weekend ini.haih.

Monday, March 24, 2008

my-so-called-'trip of the year with babes'

juz got back from tioman with wonderful bunch of babes..the trip was FUN!FUN!FUN! everything was marvellous, from the boat ride, the resort, the food, the hell lotsa fun xtvts, and of course the camwhoring session! 3 ari pegi, 3 ari asek gelak2...for now, masih tiada masa utk update with da pics, but for now, bole tgk kt eena's page...

to anyone yg nk g tioman, i suggest u guys take the package we took...memang best except for the rocky beach!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

my-so-called-'worriness' (is there such word???)

I'm worried of
  • the WEATHER-been raining day and nite in JB...i miss the sun.i need d sun for the tioman trip...pleassssssseeeeee....
  • the ON LEAVE application-baru awal tahun, tp asek g bercuti jek...nk apply on leave pn dh cam segan...waaaaaaa
  • myPerson's mom's condition-she just got out of a quite major operation on her head to remove some kind of ketumbuhan...i really hope she will have a speedy recovery...
  • the endless, mountaining workload-baru nk start 1 module, another module come up...the schedule is damn tight...will i be able to meet the deadline???arghhhh
  • my $BLINK$-asek gi holiday jek...asal nk gi holiday, shopping utk g holiday.tgh holiday, kene shopping lg.bile la nk simpan duit nih....

Im tired.Thats all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

my-so-called-'happiness sad'???

im happy and sad..happy cos another wonderful friend of mine is getting married...that makes 2 of em' already...1 on next weekend, the other on happy for them...truly happy...what makes me sad is, i really missed them...i really do...we used to spend a whole lot of time together back in uni days....but now...things are different...all of us went on separate paths...but its all thanks to the technology, its links us (thru IM) though not that least, we still get to update each other on certain things...however, it still doesnt kill this pitiful feeling that i have deep, being the only one in JB makes it even more worse..most of 'em in KL...i wish i could be there too...but, i have more humongous responsibility here that i have to hang on to.

brides-to-be @ front, pengapit paling glam @ back*ahaks*

whatever it is, im damn HAPPY with my friends joy...all i have to say is Ciqot, Ummi...."Saye sayang kamu.saye doakan kamu berdua bahagia di samping pasangan masing2 hingga ke akhir hayat...."*sob*sob*sob*

Thursday, March 6, 2008


its thursday.friday is half ade plan.plan untuk
  • renew driving license(WAJIB!)
  • pegi beli adiah utk seorng kwn (juga wajib!)
  • bile dh shopping, cari juga sepasang wedges berwarna cream-wedges ye..xmo heels.
  • pegi workshop, btolkn third break light (wajib, kalo xnk dgr ayah bebel on how i didnt take gud care of my car)
  • pegi carwash - maybe kasi wax (for personal satisfaction-itu perlu)

itu je.ngehehehe

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the escape

its been quite some time i would like to share this matter...just couldnt find d time to do so...anyway, its about the probably-most-wanted-fugitive (of course) in Spore...yeah...its d JI(Jemaah Islamiah) leader, Mas Selamat Kastari...for those who did not know how dangerous this guy is, well...let me tell u some of it

  • planned various terror plots including hijacking a plane from Bangkok and crash it into the Spore Changi Airport (nailed down)

  • arrested in February 2003 in Bintan to assist police on sevaral bombing in Indonesia

  • possessed literature of bomb making and virtue on suicide (just to make it worse)

  • broke left leg in a botched attempt to escape when he jumped from a high floor, resulting him walking in a permanent limp (Prison Break Season 1)

  • arrested again on Jan 2006 for using fake identity card in Java

  • handed to Spore upon request by Spore for his extradition on Feb 2006 (He's Indonesian-born Sporean)

  • detained in Spore under Internal Security Act without any trial session(he deserves it)

and of course, the recent one would be the 'Prison Break Season 2'-escaped from Whitley Detention Centre where he was being detained on Feb 27, 2008 at 4.05 pm. He was brought to meet his family in the visiting room, when he asked to go to toilet and then, just fled just mere seconds (almost like prison break-i wonder how long did Mas Selamat planned his escape...does he learned this from Scoffield???ngehehehe)...

so guys, while we, Malaysians are looking for the poor kid-Sharlinie, we shud also open our eyes wider, for this most-wanted-terrorist-fugitive..He is still at large..he could be anywhere...but personally, i think he shud be having a good nap in the middle of the rainforest somewhere in Indonesia...i wonder, is there anyone who assist him in this escape..if there is, that guy is 'making a reservation for his own grave', man!

more info, click here

whatever it is, i hope this issue wont affect the Prison Break series...hehehheeh...jus cant get enuf of miller laaaaaa.....

Monday, March 3, 2008

my-so-called-time ngan girl

last weekend was a blast...friday g ngedate sbb myperson ade company annual dinner on ngedate friday...

on saturday, kuar ngan girl...dia nk shopping stationaries yg byk d harris..lepak kt harris for about 2 jam...xsedar mase berlalu...dok membace lh katekan...heheheh...jumpe buku besh...yg lg 1 tu agak xpe...


haih...bile dpt beli ni

then, cm lapa...girl ajak mkn sushi...adeih...kopak aku dibuat adekku sorg nih...nsb bek sempat sambar discount card dr kakak...ngeheheh...kt SK, happening gile..bukn tempat KAMI yg HAPPENING...asek gelak2 je...org2 kt sane pn cm pelik nape kitorg jd cmtu...i guess sushi makes us happy...hahahha...we make joke on every single thing...haih...dh ari2 tgk muke pn bole jd mcm tu...i really had fun spending time n money (damn it!) with girl....hahahah..mushy nyee are antare aksi gelak-gelak kami....ceit!

her attempt on finishing california temaki in 1 shot!

note:yesterday, girl pegi get rid of her hair...hahahahah...i said "finally!"



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